Is anyone doing the OCR AS level Biology exam?

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I was wondering if anyone is doing this exam. How are you revising for it and how are you getting it on?

Posted: 28-12-12 21:27 by Bethany Cunningham

Hey I'm doing this exam on the 9th. I think that past papers and mark schemes are essential :)

Posted: 29-12-12 15:14 by Amba

Yeah so do I, I was just looking for more interesting ways to revise-I've finished all of the past papers.

Posted: 29-12-12 19:05 by Bethany Cunningham

nah im doin AQA

Posted: 01-01-13 23:31 by mariah

Well just keeping going over all of the stuff. I've finished all of the past papers as well. So just keep going over everything so tht u don't forget it when the exam comes.

Posted: 02-01-13 07:52 by Amba

Yep I'm doing that exam- For each topic I'm doing a mind map with all the notes on 1 page for each topic- sort of last minute revision

Posted: 02-01-13 23:52 by sophie

Yep tht sounds really good :)

Posted: 03-01-13 15:16 by Amba

I'm doing both exams but in June - how are you revising for unit 1?

Posted: 03-01-13 15:57 by Joanne

am also doing this exam :s so so nervous! so far, i've finished all past papers and am making a powerpoint on both modules to try and spice up revision! am also going through the specification and making sure i know how to answer all the questions on there!

got a C in my mock, and am hoping for an A...

Posted: 03-01-13 20:47 by Hannah

Hey everyone,

Here's a useful website

Posted: 03-01-13 23:05 by sophie

I'm doing this exam for the third time!!! My friend is exactly the same so to revise we're getting the text book and testing each other on the different topics that we struggle on the most :)

Posted: 04-01-13 00:20 by Megan Billyeald

I'm doing this exam, my techniques: summarise the text book onto flashcards, make notes, do quizzes, look of youtube for tutorials and presentations, PAST PAPERS.

Posted: 04-01-13 11:47 by thehiddenwizard