Is anyone doing Sociology AS AQA Unit 2: Health

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if you are, do you have any good resources/notes on anything on health


methodology and the whole experiment section of unit 2 (basically, the bit that apparently nobody likes)



Posted: 15-03-12 17:39 by misshapenskies

Come on, someone must be doing it :P

Posted: 20-03-12 11:36 by misshapenskies

Hi :D I done unit 2 sociology... but it was last year and i done education instead of health :(

But i have got some of my essays about research methods ((but they've applied to education)) uploaded: (((you could just read them to get the general jist of things and see the format and all that stuff :P)))

- Research methods essay - Questionnaires and parental attitudes

- Research methods essay - Observation


hope this helps ^_^

Posted: 20-03-12 12:43 by Fyzah :p

Research methods essay - Observation

  Research methods essay - Questionnaires and parental attitudes


i don't even know if i've copied the hyperlinks properly:/

but you could just go on my resources and find them there :D

Posted: 20-03-12 12:46 by Fyzah :p

Don't worry that really helps thank you :D

and yes, loads of people do Education. My teacher however, decided to be a pain and chose Health instead -__-

Posted: 20-03-12 13:16 by misshapenskies

lol... silly teacher :P

Posted: 21-03-12 09:24 by Fyzah :p