Is anyone doing I.C.T upcycling controlled assessment?

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I finished my CAB on Monday!! it feels soooo good! :D I finally have my life back! haha I'll try and upload my logo for you Angelica, @Lamise samee mine is also getting moderated, hopefully they won't bring my grade down though I think I justtt about got an A*

Posted: 26-04-12 20:32 by Axe Man

Thanks that would be great!

Just on to Evaluation now... how long was yours? The exemplar is 36 pages.. :/

Posted: 27-04-12 18:26 by angelica

@Axeman wooo handed mine in today :D what an amazing feeelinngggg i NEVER EVER want to hear the word upcycling again. oo u prob did it ur db and logo looked amazing!! :Di need to get like 84% to get A* overall so hopefully ill get that... gna watch tv for 4 hours today to make up for all that i missed for ict

Posted: 27-04-12 19:21 by Lamise Hassan

Oo, please forward me your designs... "upcyclers" :@ 

Posted: 27-04-12 19:22 by angelica

haha dyou wna see my logo?

Posted: 27-04-12 19:25 by Lamise Hassan

Yeahh (: What's your event called?

Posted: 27-04-12 19:26 by angelica

Okay ive uploaded it on my account, upcycling logo new,  its called Upcycling pour vous , its got a french theme lool bit random, whats ur called

Posted: 27-04-12 19:33 by Lamise Hassan

Mine's called TRASH2TREASURE

My logo is like a bicycle with arrows going in it...

Bit weird...

Posted: 27-04-12 19:34 by angelica

oo thats intresting u have to hand it in soon right

Posted: 27-04-12 19:35 by Lamise Hassan

Yeah, by end of next week... ;/

How long was your evaluation? 

Posted: 27-04-12 22:10 by angelica

Your evaluation doesn't need to be 36 pages that's a load of rubbish. Mine was only 5 pages and I got 12 out of 12. Just make sure you answer all the bullet points and you'll get full marks :)

Posted: 29-04-12 19:10 by Axe Man

oooo, what was your event called? Mine's called Trash2Treasure.... :/ 

I should be finished everything by next week :D

Posted: 29-04-12 19:13 by angelica

That's a really good name :P I think I had by far the worst name.. Mine was called "CycleUP"

Good luck getting it all done!

Posted: 29-04-12 20:13 by Axe Man

Hahaaa, that's funny!

I shall.. 1 more week of "upcycling" ;/

Posted: 29-04-12 20:15 by angelica

Heys guys :D woww, i read everything, all the posts, and yh you guessed it, I'm doing the Upcycling controlled assesment too. I'm not finished though, I still got like a week.

Posted: 01-05-12 21:37 by Rawngelo

hello :) haha were like this upcycling gang :L how come ur hand in is so late doesnt ur teacher have to send it by like next week?

Posted: 01-05-12 21:41 by Lamise Hassan

loool. Well, we started pretty late, becuase we were revising for the exam, as it's worth 40%. But yh, deadline is in a week. Still yet to start my activity 4 though.

And btw, my movie includes a video of me producing my demo, but with no voice over, my teacher said it's fine, but i'm scared Edexcel might send it back :s

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Posted: 01-05-12 21:46 by Rawngelo

ohh i see, yeah i did my eval in like a weekend it was REALLY long, ike 30 pages cos i put so many pics but if Axeman got full marks with 5 i think i got abit too excited :P Yeah that should be fine the problem with mine was me talking to the guests i was like HELLO AND WELCOME , as long as you have the instructions below

Posted: 01-05-12 21:49 by Lamise Hassan

Oh ok, well yh i'll be going to school on the weekend, hopefully finish it :) Yh, he said aslong as you answer the bullet points. Talking to the guests??

Posted: 01-05-12 21:51 by Rawngelo

I finish school tmoro , haha , yeah i thought id be clever and just randomly do it before even inishing activity one and it was comp wrong :L

Posted: 01-05-12 21:55 by Lamise Hassan

oh wow lool, lucky you. i haven't even gone into study leave yet :/. oh ok lool, well i'm sure you got a good grade overall.

Posted: 01-05-12 21:58 by Rawngelo

Oh , whens ur first exam though? mines like the 14th of may , yeah i hope so my teachers already marked it 

Posted: 01-05-12 22:00 by Lamise Hassan

Well i had my spanish speaking today, went really good. But my more importatnt ones like my science exams are yet to come, got like 3 weeks for them. So what do you study?

Posted: 01-05-12 22:05 by Rawngelo

Great :) I had my french speaking a few days ago, i study the 3 sciences , english lang and lit, business, french , geography and last year i did my maths, r.e gcses and i have an arabic one from yr 9 , u?

Posted: 01-05-12 22:08 by Lamise Hassan

oh wow, quite a handfull of GCSE's, (y)

Well, i do triple science, i think that's what you mean by the, 3 sciences. English lan and lit, Spanish, Geography, and same lol, did my maths allready. and yh R.E and Citizenship GCSE.

Posted: 01-05-12 22:14 by Rawngelo