Is anyone doing I.C.T upcycling controlled assessment?

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Whatd u gettt :) i honestly cannot believe mine .. 100%..:0the person marking mine was in a GOOD MOOD or sleepy :P , everyone in my class did well though, seems it had a good march scheme!

Posted: 08-03-12 20:29 by Lamise Hassan

WOWW!!!! You got 100%?!!! that's amazing! Well done!! :D I haven't finished mine yet but my teacher said I will hopefully do really well :) what were you expecting to get?

Posted: 11-03-12 14:01 by Axe Man

yeah!!! thanksssss , u wont believe how SHOCKED i was, i sat there for an hour with my mouth open lool , hopefully!! edexcel were DEF being lenient cos we went thru the paper after and i remember getting things wrong! i was seriously expeting a high B or smthing :l now we ga work hard for the c.a! which we have to hand it in like 3 weeks haha

Posted: 12-03-12 10:51 by Lamise Hassan

ooooh I thought you meant you got 100% for the controlled assessment!! LOL! but anyway that's still awesome!! :D I got 74/80 for the exam :) my teacher was super impressed because I was expected to get an A and I got an A* :D and yeahh we gotta work hard for the c.a now, I think our deadline is 29th march or something. I think we've had well over 40 hours for this c.a now haha.. is your school strict with the timings?

Posted: 12-03-12 21:30 by Axe Man

ahaha no way for the c.a!! oo greattt, well done! A*s all around :D omg 29th of march is so soon! i keep avoiding it :/ ive got to do my discovery board, activity 4 , finish my webpage, and do the reviews :l quite alot! whatve u got left? ahaha timings?! my teacher is hilariously lenient on them! also, a secret, she let us take our usbs for a week or so in the begenning to do abit of work at home,  dnt tell edexcel :P

Posted: 12-03-12 21:35 by Lamise Hassan

hahah thanks :) well done to you too! ooh wow I'm quite ahead of everyone else in my class. I've got my discovery board template left to finish (I made the discovery board before I made the template lol) :D so I'm about 95% of the way through activity 3. LOOOL seriously?! My teacher has been letting us take USBs since we started hahaha :') I do most of my work at home anyway. Do you need any help with the discovery board? I don't mind helping :)

Posted: 14-03-12 19:20 by Axe Man

ooo thats good! aahah heres me being all secretive and guilty about it when u do most of ur work at home LOL were gna have to start cming in on WEEKENDS soon :'( all that work and im the most ahead in my class, sm ppl havent finished the spreadsheet or activity 1 :| oo would love some help! im planning to start it in the lesson tmoro, do it then the template like u, do u do it on powerpoint? and my vision is like the same as the exempler , what should i change :l asking abit too much sorry :p

Posted: 14-03-12 20:42 by Lamise Hassan

LOL!! :') ooh I've already come in on weekends to do my work, trust me you get SO much work done when you come in on the weekend as opposed to doing it during lesson time :) ahah yeah same here! I remember when I had just finished activity 1 I accidentally lost all my work and had to start again when everyone was on activity 2. Yeah I made it on powerpoint, its really easy to set it up on powerpoint :) but I did most of the design work, like icons and tabs on photoshop then imported them onto powerpoint and added hyperlinks. hmmm I didn't really use the exempler one. I haven't even seen it lol..but basically I have 5 main slides with the subheadings "Welcome", "Recycling collection", "Refreshments", " Demo times" and one slide with my video on it. My first page just has 5 big buttons which each direct you to the corresponding slides. Is that much different from the exempler one? lol btw, try to stick with small number of slides because later on in the template you will have to type up paragraphs of useless information about each one and the more slides you have the more you will have to write about :) so its best to have less slides

Posted: 14-03-12 21:57 by Axe Man

that sounds JUST like the exempler one, ur sure to get an A* lool , yeah but stillll,  my weekend! ah that must be nice, our crappy school computers don't have photoshop :/ okay, it seems pretty straightforward, but the model thing is so long, aha good point, and will be more to 'evaluate' in activity 4 - activity 4 is like essays. :@ this is abit random but for ur webpage its good to add something called a marquee which is like moving text, it looks really nice , watch this it has how to do it (will be pretty embarrassing if u have one already lol :P) thanks for helping! ill try finish my actual discovery board by the end of this week and prob do the model at home- my teacher lets that at least!

Posted: 14-03-12 22:28 by Lamise Hassan

Wait I think my teacher has showed me that one, is it that one with the tree and the clouds? And that annoying little girl talking about upcycling lol.. Mine sounds similar to that but it has a WAAYYY different theme lool, mine is really metallic and glossy. Shall I upload a snapshot? ooh you can download photoshop portable and run it off of a USB stick on any computer :) I forgot where you can download it from but it'll be really easy to find, give it a search on google, and its free! :D oh yeah I've seen marquees before :) but I can't add one to my webpage because I made it in photoshop :/ its literally just one page which has nothing moving or click-able, but thanks for the idea, I'll see if any of my classmates want to add one :) ahh no problem dude, good luck with it all! :D

Posted: 15-03-12 22:22 by Axe Man

Ummm no :p lool its got like grass and its all done it like layering :/ the one im talking bout is exempler 2 so maybe theres a 1 , i done quite alot of mine today so im happy :D yeah upload one ill upload a shot of mine when i have ict on mon, oo damn it! i think its too late now :/ i might use it for a few things though if i have time :) ohh okay , thats fine haha,, whats ur event called btw, mine is so lame :p

Posted: 15-03-12 22:30 by Lamise Hassan

ooh I see..I haven't seen that one then lol :) aww well done! okay, I'll upload my first screen :D I can do it now cos I've got it with me. oh okay, I think you can still use it to refine some parts of your discovery board :) LOOL! so is mine!! it's called CycleUP :$ I couldn't think of a better name I'm not very creative when it comes to stuff like that, but I was pretty creative with the logo :) what's your one called?

Posted: 16-03-12 18:27 by Axe Man

oh woow!! ours are SO different lool, can i jus say ur logo is STUNNING!, im gna upload my VERY DIFF logo i hve that at least , urs is good! but i get what u mean bout creativity haha :P mines called upcycling pour vous :p lool although they'res no french influence but ah well, urs is good! but i get what u mean bout creativity haha :P listen i have such a big problem :'(:'( i have to redo my movie cos the one i made includes me in it and talking like 'step one is this etc' and ur not allowed to talkkk, let alone be in it!! my teachers  asked edexcel to let it pass , they havent replied yet :( the finish line is even further away!

Posted: 16-03-12 20:46 by Lamise Hassan

ahaha thanks soo much! :) I'm sure yours is great too! :D ooh I see, yeah its not supposed to have any sound or moving video clips at all. I took pictures of each of the steps and then put them in a timeline, underneath I added text to explain each step. It's much much easier than actually recording a video :) I don't think edexcel will let it pass but it won't be difficult at all to remake your video. I had to remake mine because it was 33 seconds long I had to make it at least 45 seconds. Don't worry about anything dude! It won't be hard to remake your video :) just remember, use titles, images and captions :D

Posted: 16-03-12 23:40 by Axe Man

ahhh :/ i swear ur allowed moving images though, just of like my hands doing it with no voiceover , thats what some of my friends did, but yeah, shell let me do that at home at least lool, argh, starting mocks for everything next week on top of all that! how many exams do u have in june? ive got 10 :@

Posted: 17-03-12 14:57 by Lamise Hassan

ahh I duno my teacher said we weren't allowed them :/ but I still think its easier to just do still images and captions.. hopefully you'll find a way for it. ooh I already done my mocks :D they finished last week, good luck for yours :) lol I've got 12 exams in June! I'm retaking English literature poetry and that really long English language exam to push my grades up from Bs to As hopefully :) how many As and A*s are you predicting to get?

Posted: 17-03-12 16:09 by Axe Man

ohh really! early! thanks, good luck for results! yeha i would have 12 but i did my maths last year so 2 knocked off :p oo that 2:15min englihs exam? we did a mock of that on friday, its hell. Im predicted 6A*s and 2As (one including french which i def gna get an b in ) and ive already got an A in RE , A* in maths  and an A in arabic but i doubt im gna get some prediction :/ well see, what alevels are u thinking to take?

Posted: 17-03-12 18:13 by Lamise Hassan

thanks! good luck to you  too :) ahh I don't think the English exam is that difficult lool..its just the fact that its so long people get stressed.. ooh nice :) I'm sure you'll get those grades! :D I'm choosing maths, physics and chemistry. Not sure about the 4th one yet wbu?

Posted: 17-03-12 18:40 by Axe Man

yeah ots the pressure of it all , and the timing! also, u cant even have a break :( lool thanks , maybe with ALOT oh hard work ill be able to do it! :D oo intresting, im choosing maths and physics too :) with economics and english literature, i really wna do business at alevel but app its really soft :(  a humanities subject for ur fourth would be good 

Posted: 17-03-12 18:46 by Lamise Hassan

Uploaded my discovery board , check it out ;)

Posted: 19-03-12 18:58 by Lamise Hassan

Hey I wanted to ask but what software did you use for your discovery board? I am LOST and :S 

And I think I know what example your talking about @Axe Man. The chick that has the tree and clouds coming and then you click and shows the ones you wanted. Though her logo is really simple I think that has no words and just a smiling earth. 

Anyways please help I think its due for next week or something :P 

Posted: 15-04-12 14:23 by Khadija Hassan

Axe Man wrote:

thanks! good luck to you  too :) ahh I don't think the English exam is that difficult lool..its just the fact that its so long people get stressed.. ooh nice :) I'm sure you'll get those grades! :D I'm choosing maths, physics and chemistry. Not sure about the 4th one yet wbu?

I seriously hate the word upcycling,

I'd love to see your logo... just been casually stalking the above convo ;) 

Posted: 17-04-12 21:45 by angelica

ME? You want to see mine:S 

PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE help me with the Upcycling discovery board!! 

Posted: 19-04-12 17:20 by Khadija Hassan

Try using microsoft powerpoint, the board reccomended it :) I just found out today my icts getting moderated :(

Posted: 19-04-12 17:32 by Lamise Hassan

I don't mind, I wanna just see what others are up to :P

Posted: 19-04-12 18:32 by angelica