Is anyone doing I.C.T upcycling controlled assessment?

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It's quite fun and i wanted to see if anyone was doing i cos it seems like its just my school!

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Posted: 27-05-11 22:09 by Lamise Hassan

I am also doing it. I wouldn't say it's exactly 'fun' though, it hurts my head trying to come up with a decent reason for all the decisions I make. Only fun part is when you design the logo and invitation

Posted: 26-11-11 21:06 by Axe Man

wow! a reply! haha back then it was just introduced to us... it sucks tbh, my sources table is like empty, though if uve made the movie yet tht was fun

Posted: 26-11-11 21:31 by Lamise Hassan

ahh the dreaded sources table! haha same I have no clue what to put on there.. oh we haven't started activity 3 yet but I skipped ahead and decided to make my video anyway, it was quite alright. I made portable mp3 loudspeakers out of polystyrene cups :) what about you?

Posted: 27-11-11 22:08 by Axe Man

lool scarily enough, so did i! im now finishing activity 2 but ive dne my vid, r u sitting the theory exam in  jan? oo tht sounds intresting, i made like flowery soap from a bar of soap :p LOL it was so easy i melted the soap then added petals :p

Posted: 27-11-11 22:19 by Lamise Hassan

lool I've just started activity two :) and yepp I payed £40 to retake that, are you? oh nice haha that's so simple! I should have thought of that, mine was rather difficult to make

Posted: 27-11-11 22:43 by Axe Man

haha i can imagine , yeahh its soo soon and kinda hard tbh! apparently its getting harder :/ i generally reallyyyy dnt like edexcel , i flop all their exams :/ so r u in yr 11 then? 

Posted: 27-11-11 22:51 by Lamise Hassan

yeahh.. I'm okay at ICT, I just missed an A by four marks last year -_- but this time I am definitely getting an A* lol I didn't pay £40 to get a B or an A.. don't worry just keep revising and you'll do well:) this site is amazingly helpful, I just started using it yesterday and I love it! and yepp I am :D

Posted: 27-11-11 23:00 by Axe Man

Ooo annoying, its good cos like whatever point u make is accepted as long as its accepted, lool yeah i hope so my teacher AMAZINLY mad eus notes for the whole book which is great so ill use tht and yeahh it really is! if ur doing C2,P2 and B2 in jan theres some amazing powerpoints, i should actually be preparing for my french writing assesment tmoro atm but i cba :p 

Posted: 27-11-11 23:04 by Lamise Hassan

ahh my teacher is not very helpful lol.. although I feel bad saying this about her, I don't learn much in her lessons, so I have to do all of my own revision. and yeah I found those powerpoints :D they're so amazingly helpful! haha good luck for your writing assessment! you should prepare for it though, it really helps if you write the whole thing out and memorize it, I got an A* in my german writing assessment doing that lol

Posted: 27-11-11 23:14 by Axe Man

hmm i can try and send u those notes maybe? ill ask my teacher for them , they're really helpful haha thanks, OMG WOW thats amazing!! im predicted an A overall but if i get a B ill be delighted! , hehe well i finished writing it yday night nd ive written it out a few times , but i dont feel like doing french at 11 lool prob gna go to sleep now, goodnight :)

Posted: 27-11-11 23:18 by Lamise Hassan

that'd be great if you could!! and thanks, you're more than capable of getting that A if that's what you're predicted ;) well I hope you do good :) I'm off too now, good night

Posted: 27-11-11 23:38 by Axe Man

helloo :) so ive got the notes now im gna upload them , also i got 88% which im quite happy about!! lool though my teacher said the ppr we done was the easiest but whatever :P Another tip: if ur stuck on one of the qs write random stuff that you think could apply and you'll probably get the mark! the mark schemes great!

Posted: 01-12-11 16:43 by Lamise Hassan

Thanks I saw them :) it was just what I needed :D oh well done! I'm sure you'll do well in the harder ones too. Thanks for the tips :) 

Posted: 03-12-11 01:31 by Axe Man

Great, my teacher was v. happy to help others with her notes , haha thanks, i hope so :) now waiting for my french result :P

Posted: 03-12-11 17:36 by Lamise Hassan

Good luck with the exam tomorrow guys! :D

Posted: 12-01-12 14:01 by Lamise Hassan

Good luck to you too! I'm just doing some ******** revision right now :D

Posted: 12-01-12 21:26 by Axe Man

aha howd it go?  that was kinda a hard paper, some of my friends were like crying! and such random 6 mark qs

Posted: 13-01-12 17:26 by Lamise Hassan

I know!! I didn't even understand the last question -_- or the one about "what is a podcast" I don't even know what that is lol.. how did you find it?

Posted: 18-01-12 19:18 by Axe Man

i wrote so much **** for the last question haha i found the one where it was like what can the motion sensor be used for? :s i was like um if its shaking too much in a handbag :p, hardly anything i was revising for was in it, it was all using ur brain.. ah well hope the grade boundries were low, now ive got geo like on friday and sceinces next week! r ur sciences next week? aqa?

Posted: 18-01-12 19:31 by Lamise Hassan

Same lol.. oh I think I came up with something pretty decent for that motion sensor one. Can't remember exactly though.. hope your geography went well :) and nope, I'm only doing additional science so I have my exams at the end of the year :D good luck though!

Posted: 22-01-12 23:40 by Axe Man

Geography DIDN'T go well but i suppose theres nothing i can do bout it now :( my friends were dying of happiness as we came out the exam and im like hm. , ah okay , and thanks :D todays my study leave , chilling out :P

Posted: 23-01-12 12:26 by Lamise Hassan

ahh at least you tried your best :) oh okay.. did you have a biology exam today then?

Posted: 24-01-12 20:07 by Axe Man

Yeah it was GREAT lol not, it wasnt that bad, again hoping g.b were low :p got chemistry on like thursday now, im still waiting for that feeling when u leae an exam room HAPPY, u know it

Posted: 24-01-12 23:19 by Lamise Hassan

We r doin the upcycling cab @ my school, we're on activity 4 evaluation

Posted: 17-02-12 15:30 by Jenna