Is anyone doing A2 Edexecel Geography Unit 3 and if so do you have any good sources about LAPSETT or any further relevant information that can be shared please?

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Unit 3 Pre Release Bridging the Development Gap- does anyone have any good sources for the LAPSETT project and any other useful sources thanks :)

Posted Sun 18th May, 2014 @ 13:53 by Zara Nadeem

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The great thing about Unit 3 Section B, unlike Unit 4, is that you don't have to reference where you found it. Wikedia is great in this situation and gives a lot of information like the estimated costs and how long they think it will take - stuff that is only scarcely introduced in the resource. It also gives you a breakdown of the costs of each part of the project and a 'recent developments' section.

As Wikipedia is source based itself you may be able to find other references that will help you! I'll remain on the lookout for all of us!

I hope this helped :)

Answered Wed 11th June, 2014 @ 20:16 by Charlotte Alice Hayes