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What is the difference between dissociating and ionising??

or isnt there one?

And the difference between a base and alkali because i get confused :)

Posted: 10-05-11 19:43 by Georgina

Dissociation refers to a reaction where a molecule or substance breaks apart into smaller
units. The units are not necessarily ions, although this is often the case.

Ionization generally refers to a reaction which forms ions from an uncharged species.
It does not have to be a reaction with water.
Ionization can sometimes be a particular kind of dissociation. Ionization can also be
achieved by using a photon of sufficient energy to remove an electron (this is called photo ionization).

And a base is a substance that neutralises an acid whereas an alkali is a soluble base (all alkali's are bases but not all bases are alkali's)  :) :)

Hope that helped Georgina !!! **

Posted: 15-05-11 11:57 by Sara

wow! confusing. but thankyou XD 

so if there is a question about this 

and i wrote like

It fully decosiates. 

and the answer is it fully ionises 

would i get the mark

just as an example

Posted: 15-05-11 12:27 by Georgina