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Posted: 03-06-09 18:05 by Isya

Heh. I feel a bit stupid replying to my own topic, but here's an idea of the thing:

Hi! I'm Isya, 14, female, British ;) I'm doing a couple A-levels early, so although I'm probably not as good as the rest of you guys, I've got a few tips I can pass on :) I'm doing Philosophy and Ethics AS as well as Psychology A2~ exam in a few days, and I still don't know everything well enough! D:

Also, as you've probably noticed, I have quite a major addiction to smileys! ^^;

(Now it's your turn!)

Posted: 03-06-09 18:08 by Isya

jesus christ your 14 & doing a levels! you must be clever :P

i'm emzie :) erm i'm 17 (18 in a month!) i'm doing psychology obv,business studies & i.t :)

i know pretty much most of my psychology.just have a few more topics to learn & then need to go over it :) proper stressing about my exams i'm already on beta blockers :| & you all should know what they are!!! haha

Posted: 04-06-09 17:41 by Emma

Im Ebony im 18! I am doing Psychology and Communication Studies A2 Stressing about my exam tomorrow!


Posted: 08-06-09 20:20 by Ebony Howard

I'm Emma, 17 nearly 18, I do psychology sociology and film, I lovee film and wanna do it at uni but got to get the psyc grades first hey!!

My teacher isn't the best so a lot of us teach ourselves.... any little tips about the psy3 exam I'll be more than happy to receive!!!

Posted: 09-01-11 14:56 by Emma Dobson

hey my name is asha and i am 17

i am currently studying 4 alevels at A2 level which are psychology (obvioisuly), sociology, hisotry anf poduct design

Posted: 12-01-11 12:15 by Asha Akhtar

I'm Hannah and I'm 17,

I do Psychology, Geography and Music..


Wanna do Psychology at uni xD

Posted: 13-01-11 21:16 by Hannah

i do so i applied 4 it and also 4 priamry skool teachig :D

Posted: 14-01-11 10:34 by Asha Akhtar

hey i'm bushra and i'm 17

im doing biology, chemistry, psychology, philosophy & ethics, arabic and general studies AS levels. but i can't stand biology and chemistry!!! 

Posted: 17-01-11 14:30 by Bushra Hasan

Hey, im Jessamy, Im 16 almost 17 (Feb).

I'm doing biology, psychology, sociology and photogaphy at A level. Photography is demanding but i cant help but love it. I'm hoping to do Psychology at Uni.

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Posted: 18-01-11 23:26 by Jessamy


Posted: 14-02-11 13:29 by Former Member

haha^ as in men lyk g** ??? :L

Posted: 16-02-11 12:32 by Asha Akhtar

Hi, I am Anzal.... im 17 ! :P

I am studying AS Chemistry, Biology, Psycology and MAths LOL!! 

hoping to do Medicine or Law :D 

Posted: 26-02-11 20:23 by Xx...Anzal...xX

Hi, I am Anzal.... im 17 ! :P

I am studying AS Chemistry, Biology, Psycology and MAths LOL!! 

hoping to do Medicine or Law :D 

Posted: 26-02-11 20:23 by Xx...Anzal...xX

im marie studying ,AS re,pyschology,sociology,law

Posted: 03-03-11 11:14 by marie

I'm Aina, studying Biology, Psychology, English Lit&Lang and General Studies, all at AS level. I'm 17 and I'm studying in a British centre at Spain :)

Posted: 03-03-11 23:55 by Aina

Hiya! im Angel! (that's just a nickname) Im 14. I don't do AS yet. but im hoping to do Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and English Language. sounds boring but its the only way to get into medicine! :) im also currently doing Critical Thinking AS. I would like to hear more about wat its like at college and i would love it if you have any tips for me (i know its too early but i like to be ready) ;)

Cheers :]  

Posted: 04-03-11 19:08 by Jazz

loll..."Angel"...they're great subject but take my advice and don't take subjects you dont want...i did chemistry because it was "liked" by universities...but  i hated i dropped it (BTW in in yr 12, first yr of AS level). of still have time to read up on it and see if its what you like ;-)

Posted: 05-03-11 19:13 by kashifah

im big nath.

Posted: 08-03-11 11:17 by Nathaniel Dewers

Kayleigh... Doing Biology, Psychology, English Literature and General Studies. ><

I'm 17 and hoping to do criminal psychology :)

Posted: 31-03-11 09:47 by Kayleigh Lawes


I'm Tahira

Studying A2 Psychology, English lang/lit and IT.

Planning to do Psychology at uni!


Posted: 06-04-11 11:09 by Tahira Begum

hello everyone, isnt this nice!! well i thought id comment as you all look so wonderfull and stupendous in 1228478765 different ways (i counted) espeacially you asha ;)

Posted: 06-04-11 14:49 by SARAH

Hi, I'm Lizzie :) I'm 17. I'm doing Psychology! Textiles, History and Business.

I've had two exams so far! So scared about how todays went though! History is such a bummer. x

Posted: 17-05-11 16:06 by Elisabeth

Hi! I'm Jane :) I'm 17 (year 12) i'm doing biology, chemistry, psychology and pe :)

Hoping to do sports science at uni :) and I want to try and keep all four subjects to a2 (if I manage to pass chemistry :') ) any advice??


Posted: 19-05-11 17:07 by Jane Morton

Hey! So, I'm Kate, I'm 17 on Friday (year 12), doing a mix of subjects; Psych (obvs), English Literature, Drama & Theatre Studies and Computing.

:) I will probably be dropping Psych at the end of the year, I love it but I'm not that good (hence I am retaking PSYA1 tomorrow) and I want to focus on my other subjects :)

Posted: 24-05-11 13:54 by ThePotterNut