'individual party members have little or no power with the uk main parties. Assess the accuracy of this view.

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The style of the Conservative Party Conference has, to some extent, been changing.  The leadership has frequently found itself embarrassed by the tone of the debates, especially when such matters as immigration and capital punishment are discussed.  Topics chosen by constituency parties are a regular cause for concern, especially since party factions can, through clever organisation, ensure that their motion gets on the agenda.  There has also been an increased tendency for votes to be demanded and for fringe activities to generate considerable controversy in the press, resulting in subsequent embarrassment.  None of this, of course, turns the Conservative Party Conference into a sovereign policy-making body comparable to the Labour Party Conference or generates the tensions seen there.  But it does mean that the Conservative Party Conference is not an event which the party leadership can entirely control or dismiss

Posted Mon 3rd December, 2012 @ 23:34 by katherine