Indian Rag

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Does anyone actually know what will be in the exam on this set work (edexcel)? All of the revision guides and text books I have seen say different things.

Posted: 12-05-11 18:27 by Malcolm

This part is so confusing, as there are 3 different pieces.

1) Rag Desh performed by Anoushka Shankar

2) Mhara janam maran perfomed by Chiranji Lal Tanwar

3) Rag Desh performed by Steve Gorn and Benjy Wertheimer 

The basics of the 3 Rag Desh pieces are the same. So, all 3 pieces are based on the rag scale (learn this) and a key feature of all 3 peces are the same. The structure differs slightly, the Anoushka Shankar verseion as an Alap, Gat and Jhalla, the Tanwar version is a bhajan and so has a Alap and then Bhajan, and the Gorn and Wertheimer version has an Alap, Gat 1 and Gat 2. The instrumentation and rhythm is slightly different too;

1) Shankar - has a sitar and tabla. It uses two tals - the jhaptal and tintal.

2) Tanwar - has a sarod, sarangi, pakhawaj, tabla and a pair of cymbals. It uses one tal - the keherwa tal.

3) Gorn and Wertheimer - has a bansuri, esraj, shruti box, swarmandel and tabla. It uses two tals - the rupak tal and the ektal.

I hope this helps. To answer your question, I don't think anyone knows what will be asked on this question and Edexcel has been very vague about the whole thing, but learn the above facts and it should be OK. Remember - for Section B you can pick between 2 pieces, so you always have another option if this one comes up.

Good luck ^^

Posted: 13-05-11 14:34 by Rebecca

Thanks Rebecca. Very helpful :)

Posted: 13-05-11 17:03 by Malcolm

Thanks, this is very helpful but i was given an essay to write for Mhara.....By Tanwar and the things to include are




How do i get 10 marks for this??? I have enough for instrumentation, thanks to ur post but please can u help me!!!

Posted: 31-01-12 18:18 by Michaela

Break it up like this, you've got 5 points to write about so actually you only need to write two of each points to get the 10

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Posted: 01-02-12 08:52 by Charlotte Wilding