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Next week we have our school sports day, as this year it's the olympics each country has been given a country, my form got India. But we don't know what we should dress up as! Does anyone have any suggestions?????


Posted: 03-07-12 16:33 by Kelleigh

wear sarees with the red dot on ur forehead ;) 

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Posted: 03-07-12 18:03 by ? Secret - Team GR

only kiddin..ur dressing up 4 sports day right.. erm y dont u guys just wear the indias flag colours, green and orange.. or get plain t-shirts and paint indias flag.. something like that..

Posted: 03-07-12 18:05 by ? Secret - Team GR

thank you

Posted: 03-07-12 18:27 by Kelleigh

As an indian I would suggest something on your head: (

nd at the start of your presentation i think you should put your hand together to greet everyone: (

I know this is a bit weird but hope it helps :)

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Posted: 03-07-12 19:02 by simran

This is a great idea, thanks

Posted: 03-07-12 19:06 by Kelleigh

i am from INDIA!!!!!!! :P

dress up colourful...and have oaisley designs drawn on your hands and stuff (just search paisley designs or henna designs in google) XD ***

hope this helps xD ***

Posted: 05-07-12 20:05 by Namita