In Geography we are doing the AQA GCSE exam board and I was wondering if anyone had any A Grade worthy revision notes for the topic of Globalization of Industry? Would be much appreciated! :)

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AQA Exam Board

Globalization of Industry

Case Studies would be extremely useful.

Thanks again! :)

Posted Sun 15th April, 2012 @ 12:34 by Ashish Dhawan

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I have a view notes written by hand, so ill upload them for you. Do you have the geography text book- i find this really useful and it allows you to take relevant info for yourself :)

Answered Mon 16th April, 2012 @ 20:19 by Lauren
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yh that would be great, the text book is good but i like having notes a long side them and the ones i originally made are rubbish and lacked detail and were really short. 

Post a link here when you upload them, thanks a lot, i'm sure they will be helpful 


Answered Mon 16th April, 2012 @ 23:53 by Ashish Dhawan