In An Inspector Calls what can you write about how Priestley uses the role of the Inspector?

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I just don't know how to write in detail about the role of the Inspector, please help.

Posted Tue 8th January, 2013 @ 18:53 by becca

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If you're doing the exam tomorrow, it's unlikely that there'll be a question on the role of the Inspector as that was a question from last June.

He's used to influence and inspire the next generation:

"They're more impressionable."

  • This may have negative connotations:
    • Eric and Sheila could be getting described as naive, gullible and ignorant, which reflects their parents' attitudes towards them:
      • Birling to Eric: "You've a lot to learn yet." This is ironic, and foreshadows the meaning of the Inspector's arrival-he is here to teach them.
  • Positve connotations:
    • The younger generations are not blinded by opportunities of 'knighthood'-they can face their mistakes and accept blame. They can also change, unlike the stubborn, older generation.
  • Mrs Birling remains the most stubborn; not once hesitating, and unflinchingly shoves the blame for Eva's death onto Eric.
  • This links back to the beginning; Birling "Silly little war scares."-dramatic irony, thinking he is right, when just two years after the time the play is set, world war one erupts.
  • Birling and his wife represent the cold, harsh society of pre-world war, where self-preservation is their first priority.
  • The Inspector is teaching the audience not to return to the harsh society with sharp divisions between classes, that the Birlings represent.

That's one detailed point, other brief points:

-He is there to inform the audience not to return to their behaviour and way of living life pre-world war.

-He's there to promote Priestley's socialist beliefs that each person is a "member of one body" and he is there to teach that "We don't live alone".


Answered Tue 8th January, 2013 @ 21:35 by EstherTheBunny
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