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LOOOL i was gonna sayy :P :D good boy lool 

:D much much much better :D 

Posted: 15-02-13 19:21 by adfv

and i like ur picture :D 

Posted: 15-02-13 19:22 by adfv

LOL hahha :D yahhhhhhhhh knw dahhhhhhhhhh XD

good :D :D hah thanx :D i like urs 2 -_- 

Posted: 15-02-13 19:25 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D :D :D loooooooool i knoww verrrrrryy well :D 

:D its good isnt it :P 

Posted: 15-02-13 19:26 by adfv


yahhhh ihz a baaad asss pic man wheredya get it frm? ^_^

Posted: 15-02-13 19:28 by Waqar Khanny :)

looooooooool im not telling you :) only i  know whre i got it from loool 

Posted: 15-02-13 19:29 by adfv

lol ohh :( y not??

haha sowwi yara gt ta go :( need ta pack ma stuff innit XD LOL :D luv ya :D

Posted: 15-02-13 19:32 by Waqar Khanny :)

loool okay byeee :D have funn and take care x love you too x :D 

Posted: 15-02-13 19:33 by adfv

have fun??? yahhhhhh yara course i am gonna...wish u come wiv me tho :) wud ba well siik if ya did :) wan me 2 cum pik u up? :D LOL

have fun at birmingham innit XDDD lol ik u do XDD :D ily

Posted: 15-02-13 19:35 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOl yeppp :D hahaa! comee we gooo :D :D :D 

:( not...gonna.. happen :( ly2

Posted: 15-02-13 19:38 by adfv

LOL ok am comin XD ma flights from london anywayy XD

lol y? :D ik XD dnt wanna stop talkin buhh..i have 2 wen a get bak innit XD

oh nd ma sis says hii :) LOL randomn ik XD lol...she wants 2 'meet u' XD

Posted: 15-02-13 19:40 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOL really? what airport? :) 

i dont like the people we gna go meettttttttttttttt :( :D awww okiee! its okay 

awwwww loooooooooool 

HEEEEEEEEEYY khannys sisterrr :D :D :D!! awww did she say that lool tel her i wna too lool 

Posted: 15-02-13 19:42 by adfv

heathrow XD

r they priks? any bastards? :D

:D yeah :D lmao u dont wanna meet her....shez a fukin devil :D propa annoin ud get siik of her :D

LOL bye zainab ma broz gettin ****** now :|  :D dnt miss me 2 much innit XD

Posted: 15-02-13 19:48 by Waqar Khanny :)