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yeah me 2....not gonna happen tho...i mean he still wont let ma bro marry his gf...

lol soo jus say khanny wanted 2 marry u.....wud u telll ur dad? :)

ik buhh hez last night i **** stop cryin so ma bro nd khanny were wiv me tryin ta get me 2 khanny were jus lyk y dafuk wnt her waterworks stop :) lol he is da most akward person 2 be around if ur cryin....soo yeah guud luk XD

lol XD awww ma bro used to do he hardly jkes wiv us anymre so i wudnt mind goin thru that again... lol he used 2 propa scare us...he used 2 hide in ma wardrobe so wen id go up at night hed propa shiyt me cant believe am gonna say dis but i miss all dat...soo enjoyy it while it lasts LOL

heyy gonna go bro wants me 2 go 2 sleep coz its "past ma bedtym," lol :)

ohh nd khanny says hii :)) lol...hez dancin :O omg need 2 record dis 4 u XDD

Posted: 07-02-13 21:39 by Sabah

aww take care sabahh and gudnytt :D  and dw evrythn wid u and akeel wil be fine :D 

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Posted: 07-02-13 21:46 by adfv

lol XD welll as long as ur bro helps u :D awwwwwww dnt 4get 2 invite me 2 da weddin XDD lol 'big' one? XD

lol yeah haha.......wiv waqar *** yeah XD :)

lol yeah XDD :) ive neva tld ma bro i love im...coz i dnt have da guts to....out of all ma broz i only lyk 1 buhh can neva tell him how much he means to me...i find it awkward XD

lol seeya XD

yeah omg....ummm he luks gud XD lol :) yeah i hav 2 show u... :) hes doin propa bhangra XDD

Posted: 07-02-13 21:49 by Sabah

thanx XD u 2 :) sweet dreams., ive gotta feelin dat deyre gonna be bout khanny XDD yeah i hope nd yeah ur cumin 2 da weddin if it happens XXDD nytt zainab XD

Posted: 07-02-13 21:51 by Sabah

yeppp :D!! ofcourse i will :D you be the first one to be therre :D  yeh hell think hes a big man LOOL. 


:D awwwww whyy? llool u shud :D how many u got? 

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL he does?? :P i need to seeeeeeee :D hahahaha

hahaah yepp they are :D awwww you too sabahh :D 

i am defoooooo comingg :D and it wil happen :D 

nigghtt :D 

Posted: 07-02-13 21:55 by adfv

lol XDD yeah i betta be XDD lol ohh XDD lol

:) yeah LOL

i dunno jus dnt talk much...not lyk we use to...buhh he still deyre 4 me... itz jus awkward :)

i got 3...2 of em r propa diks..i swear dey dnt lyk me dey prefer ma ova sista...itz jus da oldest bro dat lyks me :))

lol...yeah....they were all ******* innit ;D got a good view of all of em XDD lol jk :)

lol dw...ill show u XDD lol...ofcourse theyre gonna be bout him......awwwwwwwwww soo cute XD lol am geettin emotional XD :) lol thanx u knw u changed his lyf coz he dnt smoke dahh **** or drink anymore nd itz only coz of u....sooo probz if u wudnt have talked 2 im i might not have had waqar round 4 much longer... :))) thnx again :))

lol yeah... :)) u hav 2 bring me mithai...ohh nd falooda for akeel :) he loves it XD hope soo...nyttt XDD

Posted: 07-02-13 22:05 by Sabah

awww well atleast he's still there for you :) 

Ohhh really :O how olds ur sister? Ohh soo in ur family therees three boys and 2 grls :)jus like mine but in my fm theress three girls and 2 boyss :) LOOL 

LOOOOOL sabahh! I need to seee it :D hahha. sabahs gting emotional LOOL :') awwwwww sabaaah!! Thas sooo good to hear :D.. :) LOOOL dnt have to thank me :'D 

Omggggg sabaaah! I'm likee a mithai addict :D Loveeeeee mithaai :D hhhahahaa!! LOOL faloodaa! lst tym I hd that was on eid :D LOOOL! yepp ill defooo bring that :) 

Hheeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :) 

Posted: 08-02-13 17:16 by adfv

hey guys :D omg long time no chat like mega long time hope all your exams went down well and...... omg Zee Got so much too tell you like loads and loads 

Posted: 12-02-13 21:24 by sharaan


yeah truu :) tho hez goin saudi on mondaii....i hav 2 try nd survive 10 days wiv out him! :(

shez 20....nd shez a propa biyatch...fukin hate her sooooooo much..

haha yeah lmao...buhh id rather in my family itd be me an 4 boys :) if only.. :) LOL

lmao....yeah need ta show u dnt i...umm how do i make u see it? lmao....datz all ive been doin for ages now :) lol yeah i do.....truus me he wudnt have stoppped all dah if it weren't 4 u...he dint even listen ta me....

lmao...same here! :)) lol i lyk it anall....buhh truss me not as much as akeel....i swear all he ever does is eat it :) hez gonna end up goin fat :| LOL

lmao heeeeeeeeey sharaan nd zainab :D

Posted: 13-02-13 16:57 by Sabah

yeah sabah am gonna than zainab anall....if it werent for her i wunt hav stopped....

Posted: 13-02-13 17:11 by Waqar Khanny :)

heyyyyyy sharaaan :D how are you? oooooo Loooooooool :D 

Posted: 13-02-13 18:38 by adfv

heyy sabahh :) woow is he? lool :) awwwwwww!! . Omgg whyy do u hate her?? LOOOOL awwwwwww :D 

hahahahah u need to figure a way out for me to see it ;) hahah :) awwwwwwwww :D well i dnt knww :) hes lucky hes stopped:) for him innit :D


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Posted: 13-02-13 18:40 by adfv

heyy waqarr :D loooooll stop with the thankingg :)  honoured LOOL 

Posted: 13-02-13 18:41 by adfv

hey zee, sabah and Khanny how are you guys

Posted: 13-02-13 21:30 by sharaan

hey guys just wanted to say sharaan i love ur pic!

Posted: 13-02-13 22:30 by Prabhi xx

Z wrote:

heyy waqarr :D loooooll stop with the thankingg :)  honoured LOOL 

 hey :)) lool ok den ;D haha :D

Posted: 14-02-13 16:37 by Waqar Khanny :)

helllooooooooooooooooooo :) 

Posted: 14-02-13 20:28 by adfv

sharaan wrote:

hey zee, sabah and Khanny how are you guys

heyyy sharaan :) goood you? 

Posted: 14-02-13 20:36 by adfv

aslaamualaikum XDD lol :D :D :D :D  :)

ya ayt niggaz? XDD

Posted: 15-02-13 13:56 by Sabah

LOOOl w'salam sabah :D 

loooooooooooooooollllllll  goood!  you? :D 

Posted: 15-02-13 15:44 by adfv

 wagatwaan talibanz XD 

Posted: 15-02-13 18:56 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOl heyy khann :D u okay? 

Posted: 15-02-13 19:01 by adfv

wassssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap XD

L O L yahh am gud bit hyppppppppppppppedddddddddddddd :D :D :D :D LOL :D

nd howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwz u?? ;D :D ;D ;D

Posted: 15-02-13 19:08 by Waqar Khanny :)

Looooooooool ommggg :O woawww! reallllly hyped up :P 

immmmmmmmmmmm goodddd 

Posted: 15-02-13 19:10 by adfv

lmao yahh propa effin hyped..............dw i din do nuffin bad ayt XD

lool dahhz guud innit....u feelin bettaaaz?? :P

Posted: 15-02-13 19:19 by Waqar Khanny :)