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LOOOOOOL i love science :) 

lllllllooooooooooooooooolllllllllll yehh sure u dont check him out :P 

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL starplus table hahahhha! thats joookeessss :D wowwww LOOOL 

awwwwwww LOOOL yh i knww! my dads scary too but hes nevr been like that with me.. ive never gt a bad grade or anything (angel [not]) LOOL ... i remeber my older bro was in yr 13 for 3 Years :| but noww hes got clever n hes bein a pilot LOOL 

Posted: 07-02-13 20:38 by adfv

as for the one now... hes a retake and if he fails hes gone... LOOL 

Posted: 07-02-13 20:39 by adfv wat u wanna do? :)

haha ermmm lol XD

lol yeah ik :) lol

3 years :O wow LOL ohhhhh dats sooooooo cool...tho ihate anythin dats in the air soo umm yeah lol...still hed luk fit in a pilots outfit wunt he? :D JK LOL

awww opposite of khan :)

Posted: 07-02-13 20:42 by Sabah

awww lol im sure he'll do fine :D nd i think am gonna need ta retake anall :|

Posted: 07-02-13 20:43 by Sabah

welll i wna go into medicine.. :) doctor LOL 

hahha yepp 3 yrsss LOOOL hhahahahahaaha! i dunno :D LOOOOOOOOL 

Hahahah  :P he needs someone who aint bad like him LOOL 

looooooooooll hope u dont tho! its gna be a year wasted :O

Posted: 07-02-13 20:48 by adfv

thats good :D inshallah ull get deyre :P

lol...umm lol XD

yeah lol dats y ur purfect 4 im XD

yeah ik....akeel wud be lyk propa ****** of if i failed this year tho...the amount of tyms he's helped me revise :) lol...soo yeah hope i done :)

Posted: 07-02-13 20:54 by Sabah

:D ahha thanks :D :D :D 

awwwwwwwwwwww :D :D :D :D.. smileeeeey mee LOOL 

awwww he helps u revise :) LOOOOOLLLL yepp :) 

Posted: 07-02-13 20:55 by adfv

ommgg sabah! imreading the most amazingest book ever LOOL- the kite runner :D 

Posted: 07-02-13 20:57 by adfv

lol itz ayt...buhh remeba wen ur lyk big nd famous dont 4get me :)) am gonna be in need of a personal doctor XD

lol haha yeah :D awwwwwwwwww cant w8 2 actually meet u :D

yeah...all da tym.. i luv him XD

haha umm lol yeah :)

Posted: 07-02-13 20:58 by Sabah

OMG...ive read dat...itz A-mazin XD :)

Posted: 07-02-13 20:59 by Sabah

LOOOOOL u can get famous when ur a doctor? :O LOOOL nooo iwont forget you!!LOOOL personal doctorr :D hope u dont everneed one tho :D 

LOOOOOL awwww sameeeeeee :D evryne calls me the girl whos always smiling.. my bestfrend told me the other day that shes neevr seen me cry LOOOL :D 

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :D :D :D 

Posted: 07-02-13 21:01 by adfv

LOOL yepp it iss :D :) 

Posted: 07-02-13 21:01 by adfv

well yeah..i think XD lol  haha good :) lol might do XDD

:D hope we do get 2 meet...den id lyk 2 introduce u to akeel....inshallah if everythin goes ayt..

awww....dats gud tho... :D lol nd me i cry randomnly... lol

:) :) lol ik :) haha u got wattpad?

Posted: 07-02-13 21:06 by Sabah

:D :D looool if you say soo :P 

yeppp samee :D awwwww :D :D ... insha'allah all will be well :D :) dont u worry :D 

LOOOOOOOOL awwwwww whyyyy ?? hahha! ur them emotionall girls :) LOOOOL 

nooo whats that LOOL... :) 

Posted: 07-02-13 21:08 by adfv

:) lol

i hope.....umm lol ive been worryin 4 da past 9 days :|

lol...kindoff :D nahh i duno...i mean if i watch lyk a propa sad movie..ill cry...nd if some1 makes me laugh alot id cry LOL deyres sommat wrng wiv me :)

lol itz an app download it on ur ipad/ipod or phone :D just all books XD download it nd u have 2 read da book bad boy dat is A-MAZIN XD :)

Posted: 07-02-13 21:12 by Sabah

:D awwwww :) dw hell be fine :D 

LOOOOOOLLLL awww! hahhaha! nooo theres nothing wrong with you :P :D 

LOOOL ohhhh! i duno if its on bb app world. but ill look for it on the ipad :) hahhaah! okiee will do :) 

Posted: 07-02-13 21:16 by adfv

OMGGG sabahh i sweaarr im gna kill my broo :@ 

Posted: 07-02-13 21:18 by adfv

yeah i hope so..seriously feel lyk its all my fault that hes in this situation....

u sure? :)

lol ok :D yeah u betta XD :D lol

Posted: 07-02-13 21:19 by Sabah

LOL y wat happened??? :))

Posted: 07-02-13 21:20 by Sabah

awwww dont feel like that :) dw ull get togthr :D 

yepp im sure LOOOL :D

LOOL yepp i will :D ahhaha

hes the most annoyingest thing inthe house!! LOOL 

Posted: 07-02-13 21:22 by adfv

honestly i look at him sometimes and think is he my brother LOOL.. hes sooo arghh.. went downstairs... lights were turnd off soo it was dark downstairs.. i wlkd into the kitchen and he jumps out and scrd the hell out of me :( 

Posted: 07-02-13 21:24 by adfv

lol how cud i not coz of me da guys been put in hospital for the 3rd tym..... i hope so...buhh ik it wud neva happen coz ma dad wud neva let it happen....probz sommat worse wud happen 2 him if we even told ma dad that we wanted 2 get married....

lol ok den XD just tell waqar that...he always piks on me nd calls me a baby wen he sees ma cryin...which tbh iz pretty much all da tym XD

gud XD lol haha what did he do? lol XDD

Posted: 07-02-13 21:26 by Sabah

OMG...LOL awww buhh u need a laugh sometymss..right LOL xD LOL

Posted: 07-02-13 21:27 by Sabah

hmmmmmm :| wel i hope that ur dad does agree.... the thing with dads is that even tho my dad said that i can tel him if i like someone.. i wud be too scared to do that :| lol ... its weirddd! :| 

LOOOOL he shudnt :P LOOOOOLLL awwwwwww ill tell him:)

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Posted: 07-02-13 21:29 by adfv

omgg sabahh! he has a laugh.. :| andd he gets my nephew involved whch makes it ten times worse :| but i always end up laughing... :( LOOL.. then they thnk its ok to do what they do :| 

Posted: 07-02-13 21:31 by adfv