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waqar im usually not this lost... but whn im talkn to you... hhahhaaa.. you know :)

Posted: 01-02-13 20:29 by adfv hmm u knw wat ;D babe all ive been talkin bout...for lyk ages :D XD not fat... :D im all muscle LOL xD

lmao....hahah.....nahh ur not lost...ik u get wat am tryin ta say buhh u dnt say owt  coz u knw ur ...shareef innit XDD

Posted: 01-02-13 20:32 by Waqar Khanny :)

alll youve been talkin about.. yeh i know :P :) but yehh...:P 

:D hahahahah u sure?? :P  okayy i believ you :) 

:D :D :D :D :D :D hahahha oooooooo clever! you knowww ;) hahaha...... ohh yess :P 

Posted: 01-02-13 20:34 by adfv

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy waqar and zainab :))

Posted: 07-02-13 19:03 by Sabah

heeeyyyy sabah :) hows you? :)

Posted: 07-02-13 19:05 by adfv

hey am ok :) wbu :D

Posted: 07-02-13 19:07 by Sabah

yeepp im goood :) wuu2? 

Posted: 07-02-13 19:09 by adfv

nowt tryin 2 revise wbu?

Posted: 07-02-13 19:11 by Sabah

looooooll saame im tryn aswel :( **** i cant concentrate

Posted: 07-02-13 19:16 by adfv

hmm nd y's dat...can't stop thinkin bout waqar? ;D

Posted: 07-02-13 19:18 by Sabah

hmmmmm LOOOOOLL :P maybee.. :P :D 

Posted: 07-02-13 19:20 by adfv

andd... my nephews annying me too :(

Posted: 07-02-13 19:21 by adfv

lol haha maybe? ;D lmao awwwwwwwwwwwwwww i think dats sooooooooo cute ;D truuss me waqar can't stop thinkin bout u 2.....he randomnly smiles nd we knw hu he'z thinkin bout straight away ;D

lol y? id luv 2 hav a nephew :( no fair :( LOL

Posted: 07-02-13 19:23 by Sabah

LOOOOL :D :D :D awww thats sooo cutee :D... thats something i do a lot nowadays... smile randomly.. and at random people :| LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.... they thnk im smiling at them but im not haaha :D 

he came and took all the pencils out my pencil case and scribbled on my book :( and then he saiid sorry LOOOL... hhahaha its ok to have one ... sometimesLOOOL 

Posted: 07-02-13 19:28 by adfv

be back in 5 minutes :) 

Posted: 07-02-13 19:31 by adfv

LMAO.....yeah haha every1 thinks he'zz weird nd am lyk no...he'zz in luv  :D lol i think he wanted 2 talk 2 u...buhhh got dragged 2 his mates milad wiv ma bro :) lol

awww datz soo cute :D :D lol sometyms? haha i wan 1 :d i think itd be a-mazin :D ofcourse ma nephews gonna be a propa g :D

Posted: 07-02-13 19:32 by Sabah

kayy :)

Posted: 07-02-13 19:32 by Sabah

LOOOOOOOOLL awwwwwww :D ahhaha did hee :) hahhah

LOOOOOOL yeepp! omgg this one swearss soo muchh :| itss embarasin cuz ppl wud be round nd hed start swearing at themm :O hhhaaha

woops sorry long 5 minutes loool. but i had to sort my brother out.. he ws bullying me behnd his phone screen sooo i had to go in his room and sort him out :) 

Posted: 07-02-13 20:00 by adfv

lol yeah :D

aww i think dats propa cute make ma cuzyz swear at randomners LOL :))

aww itz ok :D

Posted: 07-02-13 20:03 by Sabah

omggg cutee?? NOO looooooool.... its funny tho when he swears at people i dont like :D loooooooooooolllllllllll

Posted: 07-02-13 20:05 by adfv

sooo hows sixth formm/ alevels? :)

Posted: 07-02-13 20:05 by adfv

LOL yeah cute XD

haha yeah :D am dying...seriously cant be asked wiv em....neva hav the tym 2 go ova work..nd in class i dnt do owt :( gonna fail sooo bad :|

Posted: 07-02-13 20:13 by Sabah

awwwwwwwwwww! looool im dreading them noww :( hhhha :) 

when u getin ur results? my bros geting em in marchh and im blackmailing him :D 

Posted: 07-02-13 20:17 by adfv

aww ud probz do better...itz  coz i hardly do owt...i literally spent half ma history lesson outside talikin 2 ma mates...da guy dint even care :) lol buhh i really shud put ma head down nd work...

umm yeah march..i think :) lol :D aww :) dnt wan em....nd i reallly dnt wan ma dad seein em... hed probz kill me :| lol

Posted: 07-02-13 20:24 by Sabah

wow aint u cleva ;D lmao i just about passed ma sciences at gcse :)

aww lol....haha mynes really cute...hez got propa gawjuss blue eyes.. :) not dat i be checkin him out or owt :) LOL

yeah haha ikr :D buhh cant tbh...tuu much shiyt goin on...seriously lyk our table in history is know as lyk da drama table...lmao people call us da starplus table :D itz coz deyres lyk always some1 walkin out in da middle of da lesson...either in tears or propa ****** off

hope so...totally failed maths tho :| yeah...tho myne can be a lot scarier :|

Posted: 07-02-13 20:33 by Sabah