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lmao...u do :( lol XD u turn me down all da tym... :'( LOL

Posted: 31-01-13 21:04 by Waqar Khanny :)

loooooooooooooool what for?? :P 

Posted: 31-01-13 21:07 by adfv

what is it that you say that i refuse to :P

Posted: 31-01-13 21:08 by adfv

hmmmm....lmao...wat do i always tell u dat i wanna do ;D LOL

Posted: 31-01-13 21:09 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL u sed u want to go to sleep but i dont let you? i duno LOOL 

Posted: 31-01-13 21:10 by adfv

hmmm LMFAO...dnt play dumb babe...u knw exactly wat im talkin bout.... ;D

Posted: 31-01-13 21:12 by Waqar Khanny :)


you need to remiind me :P hahaa

Posted: 31-01-13 21:13 by adfv

actually dont remind me :P 

Posted: 31-01-13 21:15 by adfv

LMFAO...not playin dumb eh... lol :D

HAHA dnt remind u? finally cliked on innit XDD lol.. luv u  :D LMAO..ill remind u.....keep checkin ur messages...ull knw exactlyy wat am talkin bout XD

Posted: 31-01-13 21:17 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOLL noopppeee :P ;) 

yesss finallyy i knew before but sometimys its better to keep quiet :P :D 

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL looking forward to the 'shareef'messages now LOOL love you toooooo ** :D 

Posted: 31-01-13 21:19 by adfv

lol :D not really.... :D haha...r u naww? lmao.....hmmmmm ;D luv u more :D oh nd wat tym u free 2 talk tmoz?? :)

Posted: 31-01-13 21:21 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D :D :D not rreally?? :P u know i love u moree :D

around 1 ish :D 

Posted: 31-01-13 21:23 by adfv

lmao....i mean itz not really better 2 keep quite sometyms :)

yeah ik ;D :D :D :D

cool gonna message u at lyk online :D :D......soo lyk dat i getta talk 2 u for lyk an hour XD be onlyne yeah :D  guudnytt...need ta go now innit XDD luv u babez :))

Posted: 31-01-13 21:26 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D hahahha yepp it isss :P :) trust me it is :) 

:D i will :D yeppppppppp :D i will :) gudnyttttttttttttttt!! love you khann :D ***

Posted: 31-01-13 21:32 by adfv it aint :D

hey zainab ^_^

Posted: 01-02-13 17:08 by Waqar Khanny :)

hey waqar :D

Posted: 01-02-13 18:32 by Sabah


Posted: 01-02-13 18:32 by adfv

heyyyy sabahh :D 

Posted: 01-02-13 18:32 by adfv

hey zainab :)

Posted: 01-02-13 18:33 by Sabah

haha heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy z :D

hey u feelin? :)

Posted: 01-02-13 18:40 by Waqar Khanny :)

hey am...ok :) howz akeel?.....

Posted: 01-02-13 18:43 by Sabah

hmmm.. hez umm ok...same really.. buhh dw bout it he'll be ayt :)

Posted: 01-02-13 18:45 by Waqar Khanny :)

:( i wanna see him waqar :(

Posted: 01-02-13 18:58 by Sabah

ik u do...buhhh u cant not yet....too risky :| dw he'll be fine..gonna be out in lyk a week or less...just chyll yeah

Posted: 01-02-13 19:01 by Waqar Khanny :)

heyyyyyyyyyyy waqqarrr :D 

Posted: 01-02-13 19:41 by adfv