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is any one doing history?

if so are u doing: britian and the nationalist challenge in india 1900-47

or: equality in the usa 1945-1968

Posted: 30-11-12 18:18 by Sabah

 i'm doing equality in the usa...which level though?

Posted: 30-11-12 18:26 by Aneesa

soz babe am doin neitha XDD

Posted: 30-11-12 18:27 by Akeel 786

umm as level aneesa

lool yeah ik ur not akeel XD

Posted: 30-11-12 18:30 by Sabah

Oh..I don't do it a dat level but wats ur qn? maybe I culd help...

Posted: 30-11-12 18:31 by Aneesa

ermmm yeah thanx

"why did the civil rights movement become fragmented after 1966?"

oh nd do u know anything about malcolm x?

Posted: 30-11-12 18:33 by Sabah

Malcolm x ? yep...heres wat i know;

  • Born on 19th may 1925 as Malcolm little and joined the 'Nation of Islam' after a nasty childhood.
  • Served as the voice for many angry blacks who were fed up with peaceful method of seeking their rights and wanted to go violent
  • Was in spotlight around 1950's and his speeches claimed that da devil was da white man...mmm..wat else....

sorry4delaying an writin' in full sentences..da second qn..I'm gettin' my book 2 check right now..

Posted: 30-11-12 18:40 by Aneesa

thank you aneesa ^_^ shukran lool

Posted: 01-12-12 14:22 by Sabah


lol ha...nd wats wiv da imran khan pic?

nd omg...ur profile...hmmm sama blake??

Posted: 08-12-12 20:50 by Akeel 786

lool yeah haha XDD

ummm...hez fiiit yoo!!! ;D

lmao..u lyk? ha yeah sama blake i luvz not as much as ily tho :D

Posted: 10-12-12 17:07 by Sabah

Sabah wrote:

thank you aneesa ^_^ shukran lool

 no probs; 'afwan'...just wondered if u still needed the other part ....(it's a bit late i know but i 4got)

Posted: 10-12-12 19:26 by Aneesa

yeah i cud do wiv da other part thanx aneesa XDD

Posted: 11-12-12 09:01 by Sabah

Sabah wrote:

lool yeah haha XDD

ummm...hez fiiit yoo!!! ;D

lmao..u lyk? ha yeah sama blake i luvz not as much as ily tho :D

 hmmm? :( LOOL XD

yeah i lyk ;D lol yeah u betta not......ok now i iz happy ;D

Posted: 11-12-12 19:02 by Akeel 786

lol...haha not as fit as u tho ;D XDD buhh hez still fit XDD

lool haha awww glad that u r :D XD

Posted: 12-12-12 20:08 by Sabah a room ;D XD

Posted: 12-12-12 21:05 by Waqar Khanny :)

Omg LOOOOOOLL!!! ^^^^ 

Posted: 12-12-12 22:17 by adfv

Khannyz 786 wrote: a room ;D XD

i can book one for you guys if you like or get you guys an apartment (and thats for two couples)

Posted: 12-12-12 22:22 by sharaan

LMFAO....haha  sharaan... :)

Posted: 10-01-13 19:53 by Sabah

LMFAO...haha itz ayt sharaan i got an empty house..datll do...nd deyres 6 bedrooms in it....hmmm dats lyk wat 12 people :) LOL

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Posted: 10-01-13 21:16 by Waqar Khanny :)

Khans teachn us a bt of maths there... 6x2= 12 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Posted: 10-01-13 21:36 by adfv

lmao..ur clever haha XDD

soooo hmmm i gueess ur 1 of da 12 ;D buhh ur myne sooo XDD yeah u r ;D

Posted: 10-01-13 21:38 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL nd how am i going to be of help? LOL 

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh isitttt?? yeppp i amm :P  hahhhahahahhahhahhaahhaaaa

Posted: 10-01-13 21:40 by adfv

hmmm dw il make u useful ;D xxxxxxxxx LOL

hmmmm yeah ;D

Posted: 10-01-13 21:41 by Waqar Khanny :)


Posted: 10-01-13 21:42 by adfv

lol...yeah u were meant 2 XDD lmao..hahah ;D sooo u up 4 it ;D coz ik i am ^_~

Posted: 10-01-13 21:44 by Waqar Khanny :)