I'm really worried about french gcse.

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What are the specifics that can get you marks in the reading and writing paper?

Posted Tue 15th May, 2012 @ 20:25 by Alex

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It depends what exam board you are with, but generally you can get a good mark in your writing exam as long as you know the vocabulary for the topic (if it based on a topic and you know what topic it is) and make sure you know how sentences should be written. Also, making sure you go over it afterwards is a good idea to eliminate any possible mistakes, such as missing of the le/la/les or du/de la/des, etc, also check spelling of words, although the exam boared won't penelise you too much if you have a few spelling errors.

However there's not a lot you can do in order to prepare for the reading as it could be on any topic, it just depends on what topic the exam board pick, but just go over the topics you have learnt so far, as the majority of the time, it will be on one of those topics or something closely related to those topics.

Bon chance!

Answered Tue 15th May, 2012 @ 20:43 by Aimee