I'm Covering the Triple Science Units Notes (GCSE)

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Well, my first notes is uploaded. I'm gonna be covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics for the people doing the OCR Separate Science course (GCSE).

I hope you find my notes useful, I'd love it if you could comment on it!


If you are doing the course, and you would like me to cover something specifically, contact me: [email protected] - and I'll be happy to put up some notes in my revision sessions.

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Posted: 09-05-11 20:43 by RROD

and why put this up to discuss...?

Posted: 10-05-11 16:48 by Sophie

Because I can, if I want to - annoucing it.

Nobody else has covered it so why not?

Posted: 10-05-11 19:05 by RROD

lol ;)

Posted: 10-05-11 20:15 by Sophie