iGCSE Further Maths

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Does anyone do this gcse at their school, if so could you name some key topics or give some revision info. The things I find to revise for it are either too much in depth or too vague.

Posted: 20-05-12 12:31 by Sohail

my brother does it and he said it's hard. 

Posted: 20-05-12 12:52 by LP-FTW

Does he have any websites or notes on what to revise for it? It'd be a great help.

Posted: 20-05-12 15:17 by Sohail

I did iGCSE maths but i don't know how different iGCSE further maths is.

Posted: 20-05-12 18:17 by rhona

i think he uses samlearning. 

Posted: 20-05-12 20:52 by LP-FTW