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For my sciences, my school uses IGCSE papers, could this be made a level on Get Revising?

Posted: 30-05-12 11:59 by Joe Hewitt

I definitely agree! I took an igcse yesterday for further maths and because it's the first time the exam was sat it was hard to find resources so I think it would have helped to have a level for the igcse :)

Posted: 30-05-12 13:24 by LaurenE

I agree, and for maths as well!


Posted: 30-05-12 19:48 by Olivia

Yeah this would be really helpful!

Posted: 30-05-12 20:29 by Ed

http://getrevising.co.uk/forums/topics/revision_resources1 -could that and this maybe be linked up? :)

Posted: 02-06-12 18:14 by Neon