If you ran a mile in 6 minutes at a constant speed how far would you run in 1 second? Give your answer in feet.

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This is apparently a key stage 3 question but it has baffled me. I guess I need a bit more work on my mathematics. Please give full working out. Does it use the equation: speed = distance divided by time or is there ratios invovled. URGENT, so if you can please anwer. Thank you.

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running a mile in 6 minutes would be 1 mile in 360 seconds.

1 609.344 metres= 1mile

This means you are running 1609m(rounded down) every 360seconds.

divide this by 360 to see what you are running in 1 second provided the speed is constant.

so 1609.344 / 360 = 4.5 metres (1dp) per second

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or you could just say that you a running (1/360th) of a mile every second.

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Thank you so much. I understand now.

Answered Sun 6th January, 2013 @ 13:51 by evie4learning