why is society more secular from religion / why is it not as important as it used to be? from 1950s/60s

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any one have any suggestions?

if so would be appreciated :)


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There are a variety of reasons:

  • Mass media has replaced religious institutions as sources of information and authority in people's lives
  • Religion now competes with a whole range of other ideas in the spiritual supermarket
  • Scientific explanations (starting from the enlightenment period) have replaced faith in religious ideas
  • However, some people will return to religion when science and technology has no control, e.g. incurable illness
  • Some churches are too traditional with their stances on divorce, use of contraception, abortion, sex outside marriage, illegitimacy and homosexuality
  • Fragmentation of belief - there is a diversity of different religious faiths and organisations, and traditional religions have to compete with tarot cards, paganism, spiritual healing, astrology, witchcraft and beliefs in the paranormal etc.
  • For many churches, particularly Christian, the main service is on a Sunday and for lots of people this will not be a good time (whether it be taking children to football, cooking a sunday roast, or just generally having a rest after a hard weeks work)

One of the main arguments is that science is a rational thought based on evidence and therefore it explains everything. However, it doesn't always. For example, in 2008 a NYC window cleaner survived a 47-storey fall. Doctors (Medicine/Science) would say that he should have been dead .. so why isn't he?

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