IB or A levels

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Posted Sun 25th November, 2012 @ 14:13 by Dana

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I do Alevels. The IB is very difficult - I know many people who do it. 

Alevels are straight forward because you just pick 3 or 4 options. You complete AS levels then A2 levels. You can choose any subjects you wish - as long as they do not clash on your timetable. A levels allow you to pick subjects that you enjoy and wish to continue, without having any compulsory elements. You can choose all sciences or all arts. There is a lot of freedom with alevels, and you can concentrate on a particular area of study.

With the IB you have to choose 6 subjects. 3 at standard level. 3 at higher level. The 3 standard level ones are between GCSE and alevel difficulty. The other 3 are alevel difficulty (and maybe a little harder than alevel). You have to take english, maths and a language (usually from French, German, Spanish and Latin). You also have to take one humanities subject, one science subject and one additional subject from any category (including arts, humanities, sciences). I was going to do the IB, but I chose not to because you cannot take all 3 sciences, since you choose one science and then you could choose a second with your additional subject. However I wanted to complete all 3 sciences, so I opted for normal alevels. The IB is good because it makes you more diverse, and it shows you are a good all-rounded. 

So overall, it depends on what you want to do as a career, and whether you are intelligent. The IB is really difficult - you have to be quite smart. Plus there is a lot of vocational work with the IB - such as work experience. It depends on if you want to expand on many subjects. 

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