I want to work with pre-mature babies

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I want to work in a nenoatal ward- possible as a doctor or even a consultants. I dnt think I have the grades nor the intelligence for it.

I was just worndering what qualifiqations I would need- including gcses... Ive searched everywhere

Thankyouuuuu :)  <3

Posted: 06-02-13 17:20 by в

GCSE grades aren't as important, but it's stil good to get good grades. You should aim for B-A* especially in science, maths and english. You want at least 5 GCSEs too.

You will also need to get 3 alevels. You will need to get something around AAA - AAB in these. 

You will need chemistry, biology and possibly another sicience such as maths or physics

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Posted: 06-02-13 17:22 by Tilly - Team GR

Thankyueeee so much 

I think I'm on the right road to achieve that **

Posted: 06-02-13 18:15 by в