I want to create a revision timetable for my 11 exam subjects. But you can only allow to input one subject. Please help.

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Please let me know the procedures to create a revision timetable for 11 exam subjects. 

Thanks a lot.

Posted Sat 25th February, 2012 @ 02:43 by Angie Fan

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In all honesty, i think that making a table of your own installs self confidence and responsibility. Having a table in your room which you can constantly check up on is a good idea. This willa llow you to be organsied and then you will be ready for qwhen the time comes... but that is just my opinion :D

Answered Sat 25th February, 2012 @ 14:29 by Lucas Barker
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to add subjects/exams:

  • click "add exam"
  • input exam details
  • click "save"
  • your exam and all the details should now come up in a table saying subject, time and edit tools
  • above the heading saying "subject"  (on the far left of the table) should be an option "add exam"
  • click on the icon and repeat the process for the first exam
  • save and the table should come back up, this time showing 2 exams
  • click on the icon for the 3rd subject and continue repeating the process for all the exams for your 11 subjects
  • remember that you can input multiple exams for each subject at the same time
  • when all the exams you are taking appear in the table, select the blue text "contiue to the next step"

hope this has helped :)

Answered Sun 26th February, 2012 @ 13:08 by ;)