I think there should be more colour and font options for the Revision cards.

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i always use colour and stuff to make my work look nice beacuse it helps me to revise. there shoild be more colours and fonts on the revision cards

Posted: 05-06-12 13:46 by Charlotte

Good idea - and also like able to add images such as a diagrams, if we can't do that already

Posted: 05-06-12 14:09 by Lamise Hassan

yeah, diagrams and pictures would really be good :)

Posted: 05-06-12 16:11 by Neon

definetly a gud idea to have pics n colours + font, oh yh cedonia hows LP-FTW ===> i guess she chose to leave then ??? :/

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Posted: 05-06-12 16:16 by Braniac

Yeah the picture's and diagrams would help when you are trying to explain things. 

Posted: 05-06-12 16:19 by Megan Chilton

cedonia hows LP-FTW ===> i guess she chose to leave then ??? :/ - what does this mean?

Posted: 06-06-12 11:39 by Charlotte

Beelal r u stlking sum1

tel me!!! tell me!!!

Posted: 06-06-12 12:12 by aliimz

haha Twitter is best for stalking. follow me - MessyCharlotte

Posted: 06-06-12 12:35 by Charlotte

I agree that they need colour to stand out also you should be able to highlight important words for tests

Posted: 06-06-12 13:42 by Laura

Mindmaps would be good aswell...

Posted: 06-06-12 14:32 by Charlotte