I stutter, will I be penalized for this in a French or Spanish speaking exam?

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My stuttering has become fairly noticeable and I would like to know if stuttering would lower my mark for Spanish and French speeking exams? And if so, should i talk to my techer about it before the exam and see if anything can be done?

Posted Fri 12th April, 2013 @ 13:18 by vizzzzer

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That would depend on how bad the stuttering is. If your stuttering makes it difficult to understand what you are saying or even if your stuttering takes up a lot of time when you are speaking, then this may lower your grade. However, in a speaking exam, it should come across as spontaneous speech and therefore some stuttering and pauses are comprehendible and having some non-fluency features in there is better than it seeming rehearsed as you will get penalised for that.

I would say speak to your language teacher and see what their opinion is on your stuttering, as they will know best and know whether it would affect your marks in the speaking exam.

Also, I find that during the speaking exam, I can often concentrate a lot better if I'm not looking directly at the teacher, so often I will look at something which is behind them and other times at the desk. See if this helps, as I know that when the teacher is staring at you for a response, it can be a little intimidating and this can make people more nervous, and perhaps stutter more.

I hope this info helps. :)

Answered Sat 13th April, 2013 @ 17:16 by Aimee