I need help with concentrating.. I think in my head I'm making it less of a big deal just so i don't get too stressed... help

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I have revised so much for the mocks and now that there are the real things I cannot be bothered....

Posted Thu 26th April, 2012 @ 20:28 by Livia

2 Answers

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Make a document of all of the things that you want to achieve in life:

Pictures of cars, jobs, houses, world peace...whatever will spur you on!

Every time that you can't be bothered, look at that sheet, and think how getting good grades will help you achieve it!


Answered Thu 26th April, 2012 @ 21:05 by Olivia
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Try to make your work as colourful as possible to make yourself attracted to it.

Also listen to music so you get everything stuck in your head!

Answered Fri 27th April, 2012 @ 12:06 by Rabiya