i need help with answering question 4 in the english language aqa hier tier gcse exam!!! thankyou

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there are overall 6 question in the exam question 4 is where you have to anylase 

i really dont know how to structure the answer for this question 


Posted: 04-01-13 22:05 by suaad sultan

my school use PAT SPOTS BEARD which is like:



Time Written

Sentence Length


Opinions and Fact


Similes and Metaphors


Emotive Language

Adjectives and adverbs

Rhetorical Devices


Aslong as you try to comment on these features when comparing the two texts you should be fine

Posted: 05-01-13 17:44 by Sian Murphy

Thank you so much sian, so approxiametly it i commennt on all those aspects how many marks wouold you think i would get and how many aspects should i comment on in a paragraph 

Posted: 05-01-13 20:50 by suaad sultan

I think you should only comment on the ones that are relevant and predominant in the text and if you comment on all of them you would run out of time

Posted: 05-01-13 22:15 by Sian Murphy

 thankyou  that was big help ! =D

Posted: 05-01-13 22:22 by suaad sultan