I need help on my narrative writting please!!

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i've started off with 3 friends 2 girls and 1 guy, one girl dies and the death is witnessed by both her friends. now Ivy has to find Ethan coz they got split up and they are all alone in a monor with a killer. and also ivy finds a room with pictures from newspapers dating back to 15 years ago when all the murders started to happen. i know how it starts and ends but i dnt know wat to write in the middle any ideas please :) !!!!

Posted Tue 20th March, 2012 @ 20:01 by Rayman08

1 Answer

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how about writing about instead the friends r in their 30s, five years of friendship and the gurl that died had done something 15 years ago or she had a twin but the twin was in a mental institution and so killed her but they dont who the twin is, nor about her having a twin and so they have to go through like a lot of events to find out about the friends past

Answered Wed 21st March, 2012 @ 15:50 by aliimz