I Need Help! exams are so stress help!

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I Need Help! exams are so stress help! ive been really ill! and ive missed a week of coursework! whats the best thing to do now?:)

Posted: 06-02-11 21:37 by Catherine.gcse

stop feeling sorry for yourself and pull ur self toghter...honestly i missed two weeks of school during ma A/s and caught up ;P

Posted: 08-02-11 12:35 by Asha

Ask your teachers what you missed and catch up on it over the holidays! Get a plan of what to do and show that you are making an effort to pass your exams. Find things that will destress you and get hobbies, social lives are still allowed!!!!

Posted: 31-03-11 08:57 by Beth

I think the first thing to do is relax. Go through your text books/exercise books and write a list of things that you missed or don't understand. Then, try to learn them yourself or if you are really struggling ask a teacher. I think just getting really stressed isn't going to help, and only make things worse.

Good Luck :)

Posted: 16-04-11 19:09 by Rebecca

Get notes off a classmate. Don't stress over it.Wait...I'm being a hypocrite. Just don't do that, and be constructive about it. Good luck :)

Posted: 19-04-11 17:26 by Rhanid

no there not! just keep your cool ;) if you dont panic you will do fine trust me. all you need to do is revise make sure you know all of the content in your subjects. just make timetables or notes so you dont forget. balance social life with education. revise with friends or make sure you spend some decent time doing it. x

Posted: 28-04-11 17:19 by Lucky

Yep, what Lucky said.

Posted: 28-04-11 17:28 by Rhanid

Try different stress techniques one of them is to clench your muscles and release them one by one.

Posted: 26-05-11 20:29 by Nyanda Foday