I like how there's a general discussion part in a revision website.. which stops people from revising to discuss random stuff xD [like this]

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hey Renn.... read my profile (((....again :P)))

Posted: 07-05-12 17:59 by Fyzah :p

I love it even more XD.

i think i might have to make my profile a leetle bit moer interesting now...

Posted: 07-05-12 18:03 by Renn

yep... no pressure :P lol

Posted: 07-05-12 18:06 by Fyzah :p

read it now.. but i still need to work on it. its a fine art. and difficult o.O

Posted: 07-05-12 18:07 by Renn


It's a beauty!!!

Posted: 07-05-12 18:10 by Fyzah :p

bowing Thank you, thank you, come again XD

Posted: 07-05-12 18:11 by Renn

... hey renn... read mine again... lol

Posted: 07-05-12 18:11 by Fyzah :p

Aw, thanks.

read my profile now...

Posted: 07-05-12 18:16 by Renn

OMG!"!! that's so amazing... trying to think of a way to change my profile :P


Posted: 07-05-12 18:19 by Fyzah :p

Fyzah :p wrote:

yep... no pressure :P lol


Posted: 07-05-12 18:21 by Renn

hey.. read mine... again :P

Posted: 07-05-12 18:22 by Fyzah :p

Check mine out now..

Posted: 07-05-12 18:26 by Renn

dudes look at mine :O kidding, dont :P but renn, stick to the cranberry :P

Posted: 07-05-12 19:10 by Me :D

french and home economics

Posted: 08-05-12 14:35 by Nathan

Nathan wrote:

french and home economics


Posted: 08-05-12 17:00 by Renn

Renn wrote:

Nathan wrote:

french and home economics


lol xD

I guess that's the new topic :P

Posted: 08-05-12 18:30 by Fyzah :p