I have trouble finding the right way to revise for english do you have any tips for me???

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I really struggle with my exam writing especially with the longer question and when it come to poetry..how do you revise all the poems and the techniques?? 

Posted Mon 26th March, 2012 @ 17:20 by Emily

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Revision is all about your learning type. Are you kinetic, audio or visual? I am a bit of each so I can revise from whatever way suits me. If you are kinetic(an active), acting and emphasing words in the poems or the text as you read them may help you remember them better, or re-writing notes or practicing exam style questions over and over may help improve your technique or help you get a better grasp on the texts. If you are audio, download or make your own sound versions of the text so you can put them on your ipod or mp3 player. Listen to them regularly and try and include notes in your recordings so they sink in as well. If you are visual, doodling cartoons to help explain points, mind maps, and colour will help you remember. No matter if you are suited to linear notes or mind maps, colours and emphasing key terms and points will help you remember what you have wriiten for your exam. Revise regularly and for 20 minute stints followed by a break to improve your long-term memory of the notes.

For the exam questions, learn the instructive words and what they want you to answer about so you know what to write about in the exam. For instance,if the ask you to "compare" something, they want you to compare how the use of language, form and structure is used in both texts and how these affect the reader and respond critically. Once these are learn, ask your teacher for practice questions so you can learn to apply this and answer the questions effectively.  Planning each question in the exam is essential and annotate each question so when you are writing, you can remember what it is you are writing and that you don't go off task.

For each poem from the aqa anthology, i have created a revision card. Each card contains a brief summary of the poem about language etc. as well as a brief statement of my own opinion on the poem eg. how the language portrays the theme in the cluster. You must re-read all of the poems you  have studied regularly to get a firm idea of what the poem is about, linguistic features used and how it effects the reader.  Refer to your Assessment Objectives and make sure you can cover all four for each poem's notes so that when it comes your exam, you have a detailed memory of what you want to write about.

Hope this is useful :)

Answered Mon 26th March, 2012 @ 18:06 by Emma Faulkner