I have lost the last bit of my odyssey translation! help?

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I have lost the last bit of my odyssey transaltion. The last sentence i have is 'But he most blessed in his heart beyond others, is he who having prevailed with bridal gifts leads you home.' I need lines 160 to 185?

Posted Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 13:37 by Rachael

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See below for the translation from Perseus: It may not always be as literal/close to the Greek as you'veprobably translated it, but mostly it usually is (I used it for most of my translation for my Greek AS text) Sorry I can't write out any other translation-I haven't done the text-I changed a few bits (like mine eyes to my eyes and thou to you, but left the rest the same):

For   my eyes have never yet looked upon a mortal such as you, whether man or woman; amazement holds me as I look on you.Of a truth in Delos I once  saw such a thing, a young shoot of a palm springing up beside the altar of Apollo—for there, too, I went, and many people followed with me, [165] on that journey on which evil woes were to be my portion;—even so, when I saw that, I marvelled long at heart, for never yet did such a tree spring up from the earth. And in such a manner, lady, do I marvel at you, and am amazed, and fear greatly to touch your knees; but great grief has come upon me. [170] Yesterday, on the twentieth day, I escaped from the wine-dark sea, but ever until then the wave and the swift winds bore me from the island of Ogygia; and now fate has cast me ashore here, that here too, haply, I may suffer some ill. For not yet,I think, will my troubles cease, but the gods ere that will bring many to pass. [175] Nay, O queen, have pity; for it is to you first that I have come after many grievous toils, and I know not oneof the others who possess this city and land . Show me the city, and give me some rag to put around myself, if you had any wrapping for the clothes when you came here. [180] And for yourself, may the gods grant you all that your heart desires; a husband and a home may they grant you and oneness of heart—a goodly gift. For nothing is greater or better than this, when man and wife dwell in a home in one accord, a great grief to their foes.  

Answered Sat 4th June, 2011 @ 14:53 by Annika Mathews
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thank you very much!

Answered Sat 4th June, 2011 @ 18:15 by Rachael