i cannot concentrate when revising... what the best way to revise? any suggestions?

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suggestion on how to revise 

Posted Mon 23rd April, 2012 @ 10:56 by zunie

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I can't concentrate either so I use Binaural Beats (youtube it). I find that alpha waves really help me to get in the 'zone'. Try it if you really can't concetrate. It can help block the rest of the world out if you listen to in on your mp3. Ways to revise; apply meaning to it. In Psychology it is called semantic processing. By apply meaning, don't just read notes and copy them out- draw pictures so that when you come to think about it in the exam , you can clearly remember it. Also try to find a way that will suit you. e.g. if you are more of a listener then create an audio tape. Hope this helps a bit. =)

Answered Mon 23rd April, 2012 @ 11:03 by Moira
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I too easily get distracted if i think too much about what i'm doing that day so i just plan one subject a day, organise a way to test myself at teh end (exam paper etc) lock/shut the doors and turn off all techology nearby and shove books/ magazines etc into a courner of my room. That way you aren't as easily distracted. Also try lots of different revision tactics ( i made/downloaded podcasts and then listened to them while i walked the dog and rode my bike to work) anything to make it different from just sitting down and staring into space. Also try to fit in rewards ( i know it sounds stupid but i set myself the goal of getting a certain mark in maths papers and when i got it i got a curly wurly... i know babyish!) because it gives you something to work for. And remember BREAKS ARE KEY OTHERS YOU JUST GET TOO BORED/ UNMOTIVATED!!

Answered Mon 23rd April, 2012 @ 16:29 by bronwen :)
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I find the best way to revise is making booklets or posters while listening to music, however don;t play the videos as you'll just get distracted because you'll want to see what's going even if you've watched the music video a thousand times. Another method I'm familiar with is writing notes of post-it's and sticking them around your room in colour coordination for each subject

Answered Mon 23rd April, 2012 @ 18:00 by Shaianne M