I am going to do my aided controlled assement tomorrow, I am going to be observing Messier objects NGCs. Is there any advice to get an A*?

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I am going to start my astronomy controlled assessment tomorrow. The task that I am doing taking pictures of NGCs and Messier objects on a robobtic telescope.

Would appriciate any help as to what I should enclude and any advice to help me to get the A* grade. Many thanks :)

Posted Thu 2nd May, 2013 @ 21:12 by Samantha Sonuga

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I didn't do that topic for my controlled assessment, but I can give you the basics. You need to have a Design/Plan explaining what you are going to do, when, how, and where. You need to explain why you are doing so. For example away from light pollution, at the New Moon etc. You need to include key words in this too. Then you should do a Detailed Plan, where you write which Messier objects you will be observing, and why. Then the planning table comes after that. You must include which dates you're planning on doing the observations, safety precautions, the messier objects you're observing etc. Then do the observations but be sure to include the dates and times - I got a mark taken off for not including that. After the obs, you need to write an analysis explaining your observations, but be sure to explain in detail - I also got marks off for not doing that haha at the end you need to write an evaluation -I'm sure you know how to do that (What you did good, what you could improve on, how you found the controlled assessment overall). I hope that helped and good luck! :)

Answered Fri 3rd May, 2013 @ 21:49 by Erin
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Thanks a bunch, that was very helpful. It looks like I may need to add more detail to my analysis and I am going to do my evaluation on Tuesday.

Thank you again :D

Answered Fri 3rd May, 2013 @ 22:47 by Samantha Sonuga