i am doing this question in a few weeks 'Which do you think is the best representation of how effective policing was in late Victorian Britain?'

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i am still not sure what objective means

our history teacher told us we have to talk about 

- how accurate the representations are

- how complete 


- how objective

but i am not sure on what objective means in that context

Posted Sun 4th November, 2012 @ 19:15 by Holly

1 Answer

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Complete-If the source is lacking a perspective

Accurate-use your own knwoledge to porve that some of the data is inaccurate/accurate e.g.conditions were harsh for police, i know this because 'police would have to patrol seven days a week'

Objective-if there is a bias to a particular source, e.g. written by a satirical magazine and therfore it would ridicule policing because it reflects public opinion

Answered Sun 16th December, 2012 @ 23:21 by NBZYG