I am doing AQA A GCSE Geography how do you revise for all the case studies??

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Help ASAP please!!

Posted Tue 8th May, 2012 @ 19:43 by katie

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I put them into bullet point form, then just keep on trying to write them out from memory until I know them off by heart!

Answered Wed 9th May, 2012 @ 15:06 by Bronwyn Moorhouse
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Just learn one for each situation, I don't know about you but we have been given way more than needed! Draw the case study out, e.g. draw an Earthquake building on a specific plate boundary, make it fun in a way you enjoy!

Answered Tue 15th May, 2012 @ 20:16 by Sophie
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Hey i think i'm doing the same paper :) on population and stuff, right? the way i learn them is by making flash cards, on one side write the name of the place and on the other side write some key facts about them.. Good luck with the exam, hopefully it won't be too hard!!! ;)

Answered Tue 15th May, 2012 @ 20:20 by Hummi C
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The easiest way is to make a list of all the case studies you need to know for the exam.There are around 25 or so. Then right the key facts as concisely as you can on revision cards. When you know some parts better than others, put those cards away. Slowly your pile will get smaller and smaller until you have gone through all of them. Go through this process 2 or 3 times before your exam and you'll be fine.

Good Luck! 

Answered Wed 30th May, 2012 @ 19:47 by km
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Learn the basic facts for each case study in each topic. Make sure you do a case study for a LEDC and a MEDC. THe best things to learn are the primary and secondary effects. Eg In the case of a harzard, some of the primary would be deaths and buildings collaspse. Secondary would be things like, people homesless, lack or sanitation and clean water so disease spreads. Make sure you also know the amount of deaths and injurys, in the case of an earthquake, learn the time, magnitude and place of epicentre and focus. In a exam as long as you give reasonabke information you should be fine when it comes to the case studies

Answered Thu 31st May, 2012 @ 10:36 by Joshua Drabble
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i post-it note the whole house and then go over random details with my mum asnd bro! you learn well from teaching :)x

Answered Wed 30th May, 2012 @ 22:07 by Sally Bradley
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For me, I write it all in short form and include all the key information and just memorise it. 

Answered Sat 9th June, 2012 @ 19:18 by Iqra H