i am dead.. biology exam tomorrow any help... :)

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basically exam tmrw :( need help[

Posted: 20-05-12 14:03 by sofia uchiha :P


Posted: 20-05-12 14:06 by Lamise Hassan

Lamise Hassan wrote:


yes b3 and them chemistry on thursday and english on teusday :(

Posted: 20-05-12 14:09 by sofia uchiha :P

sammeeee, omg lol the heart will defo come upp revise vena cava pulmonary vein all the rest of it

Posted: 20-05-12 14:12 by Sarah Richard

Are arteries to or away from the heart?

Posted: 20-05-12 14:14 by Renn

Exactly the same for me too! and poetry english on thursday too :'( i def think chp 3 is gna come up,, its been in like EVERY past paper

Posted: 20-05-12 14:14 by Lamise Hassan

arteries are away - A for Away

Posted: 20-05-12 14:14 by Lamise Hassan

Thank you! i can never remember- but A for Arteries wll help- thanks!

Posted: 20-05-12 14:16 by Renn

i think there's some notes here about the heart etc.. 

Posted: 20-05-12 14:16 by Ida_427


Posted: 20-05-12 14:16 by Lamise Hassan

http://getrevising.co.uk/resources/biology_b3_all_topics this powerpoint that was just uploaded is useful too, it sums up everything 

Posted: 20-05-12 14:17 by Lamise Hassan

basically i am dead cause i need to get a in this and i don't get study leave and yeah i got anthology on thursday too and i am retaking C3 C2 and P2 and i am doing P3 then exams are FINISHED YAYYYYYY :) shouldn't get too happy though lol result day is worst need to get good results to get into my colloge choice lol

Posted: 20-05-12 14:18 by sofia uchiha :P

thanks dudes :) cool resources lol

Posted: 20-05-12 14:18 by sofia uchiha :P

I'm feeling quite okay about it... I just CBA to stress, ya' know?

Posted: 20-05-12 14:19 by Neon

er... no pressure

good luck XD im sure you'll do fine

Posted: 20-05-12 14:19 by Renn


Posted: 20-05-12 14:19 by sofia uchiha :P


Posted: 20-05-12 14:20 by sofia uchiha :P

the thing about the 3s is the grade boundaries are kinda low , i did a pp today and 100ums was like 31 out of 45!! just do all the pps if u havent already and maybe test a friend over the phone or texting or smthing? it helps recap the stuff in your mind :)

Posted: 20-05-12 14:20 by Lamise Hassan

well... I think I just don't have the right attitude... I look at everything from the perspective of "what's the worst that could happen?"

Posted: 20-05-12 14:21 by Neon

OMG THAT JUST MADE MY DAY thanks lamisse lol how do u change ur name on this thing cause this aint my name lol

Posted: 20-05-12 14:22 by sofia uchiha :P

you will be fine kk :)

Posted: 20-05-12 14:23 by sofia uchiha :P

sure all will be well just revise fermentation and the heart and should all go fine remember the labelling of the heart and revise by typing your own personal notes and read them throughtout the day

Posted: 20-05-12 14:23 by Sarah Richard

or exam papers lol fly helpful and samlearning only i can't use it ....oh i am doomed lol

Posted: 20-05-12 14:25 by sofia uchiha :P

no one is truely doomed but tose who are truely doomed. you are not truely doomed.

Posted: 20-05-12 14:26 by Renn

yeah that made no sense. sorry

Posted: 20-05-12 14:26 by Renn