How was the AQA PSYA3 exam?

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I answered:

Relationships- it was okay but I didn't like the part B

Aggression- I really don't know how I did, what did you guys write?

Gender- this was nice but I don't know if I evaluated it enough :(

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Posted: 16-01-13 11:27 by Ice007

I did aggression, eating behaviour and gender.

I found the aggression question a nice suprise, i wrote about how males get protective of their mate and how females are attracted to aggressive males so males showed aggressive behaviour in order to keep the females attracted to them. And i also wrote about territoriality.

The eating behaviour question was okay, i just couldnt remember ANY researchers names, so i just wrote out the studies as good as i could then did ridiculous amounts of evaluation.

The gender question i thought was okay aswell - i wrote about Gender Labelling, Gender Consistency and Gender Stability really.. thats all i could think of, i hope it was right! I didn't really know what to write in the evaluation to be honest, so i just expanded on basic points like the fact it ISN'T gender bias.. things like that.

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Posted: 16-01-13 12:03 by Shona

did gender, r'ships and eating behaviours

loved the eating behaviours q

gender biosocial was ok, i forgot to add a bit of a01 and a02 but reckon I did enough

r'ships- good question

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I did Sleep, Eating and Aggression. I did well on Aggression but the others I completely failed on :S

I would have loved to do Gender as a topic omg

Posted: 17-01-13 14:36 by Amy

I did sleep, aggression and relationships and thought it was pretty good to be honest :) i have an amazing teacher so she helped me loads to revise and stuff for the exam and im not a naturally clever person either so had to work really hard, but yeah it was a good exam, though for sleep i forgot one of the three causes of narcolepsy (REM) but i included the otehr two and talked about the fact that it could be learnt technically like schizophrenia.

I thought the relationships one was amazing!! for me it was the easiest question ever... though we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Posted: 12-02-13 16:14 by Abitracey