How to write an anthology essay AQA?

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I'm have my anthology exam tomorrow, please help!!

If you have this question for example: Compare how family relationships are presented in Nettle and one other poem from relationships

How do you comment on the structure?

I have some similarities they are:

  • Father and son relationships
  • Emotional pain
  • Protection

and some differences:

  • Nettles is temporary pain harmonium is permenant pain

Can you think of any other differences?

Don't worry if you only know the answer to one question just answer


Posted Wed 23rd May, 2012 @ 09:56 by Georgia

2 Answers

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To comment on structure, compare the two poems. For example, if one poem is really short and irregular, and the other is longer and more formulaic, compare them.

Explain the effect of the structure of the poem. Explain what happens in each stanza: the examiners like to see you explain progression in a poem (i.e. changes in mood, movement etc from beginning to end).

One way of explaining progression is through structure. For example, the stanzas of a poem may become shorter as the poem progresses.

Sorry this sounded rambling, hope this helped a little :)

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Answered Wed 23rd May, 2012 @ 10:01 by Emma Jay
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No Emma it's really helpful thank you :)

Answered Wed 23rd May, 2012 @ 10:03 by Georgia