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i find it hard to study psychology 

especially if i dnt even understand much 

Helppp guys 

Posted: 21-12-10 18:46 by Hellena

I find it soo hard to study! I find just going through my text book really helps me, get a highlighter and highlight all the key points in your text book as you read it through.. it's really long and kinda boring but you do remember things by doing it! give it a try, can't hurt!

Posted: 09-01-11 15:54 by Emma Dobson




Posted: 15-01-11 19:42 by Hellena

The best thing to do after reading through is to condense the textbook onto revision cards - then you don't have to read so much next time you want to revise :)

Posted: 20-03-11 17:02 by Harriet Withey

I'd have to agree with Harriet, flash cards and mind maps kick *** for this topic. It's just about condensing it down so that it doesn't seem like there's so much :)

Posted: 23-03-11 21:55 by Mitch!

Writing topics into essays really helps! Because then all you have to do is meorise the essays, either by reading them or recording yourself reading them and listening back to the recording.


Posted: 06-04-11 11:05 by Tahira Begum

also do past papers! that is what i have decided to do.. because its all about timing with psychology! although ive just done last years AS one as a practice and cant find a mark scheme :/ does anyone know where i can get one because WJEC site doesnt have it without having to pay them :O

Posted: 13-04-11 16:10 by leah-anne

check the WJEC website cause last time i wanted papers i didnt have to pay for it soo try it agen 

and thanks guys for de advise.. i will try the flashcard and mindmap ideas 

but i tink am jus really scared of failing really cause i done a exam recently and i flopped infact i got a U soo mayb im jus panicking but yeah i will try my best and those ideas really 

Posted: 13-04-11 22:37 by HELLENA

There's a LOT of info to remember... so you need to concentrate on condensing the info as much as possible whilst still remembering it

Do mind maps and make sure you add lots of A02 evaluative points

Post it notes with studies on

Condense condense condense until you can draw a mind map of the topic from memory

Posted: 14-04-11 22:46 by Niki Crawford

i can get the papers for free but you have to pay for the marks schemes.. its soo stupid :/ yeah do that! or make some revision cards on here and print them! i can give you the name of a site with the esseays on.. but there only roughly about 8 marks out of 12 so you need to add much more detail to them but if you combine them with your own notes and so forth you should get a good essay, just let me know if you eant the site :)

Posted: 15-04-11 11:48 by leah-anne

ive always found revising really tricky! i find that doing powerpoints on each topic area is best and then print them out in hand out form so there are 4 powerpoints to a page then you can cut them out and they make really easy to follow revision cards, and as there in powerpoint form you only put a little bit of information on each so you remember them more:) once you've cut them out there great to stick round your room or staple together as booklets so whenver your doing something and not sure of the answer you can flic threw them really quickly and easily> i call them flick books!

good luck with the revision:) hope this help!

Posted: 27-04-11 17:32 by Brittany

these comments on here may help you

Posted: 27-04-11 18:21 by Sophie

what i did before my last exam was go through the revision text books, put them all onto flash cards and then sumerise them further onto post it notes then stuck them on the book so i could see without hardly reading everything where everything was, what it all meant and then it was an instant reminder without having to read through any long winded flash cards ect... try it, the more you write it down in different ways the more likely it is to go in!

Posted: 26-05-11 10:55 by Emma Dobson

revision mind maps as an overview of a topic

checklist to go throught the night before the exam so you know you have covered everything

revision cards for al the studies ->colour code them for each topic and bold key terms

use getrevising if you are stuck:)

Posted: 26-05-11 12:32 by Tiffany