How to stop yourself from distraction haha

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I literally cannot sit down and work- anyone got any tips to make revision less tedious?

Posted Sat 28th April, 2012 @ 12:23 by seb howard

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Like Melvin says, try and break it up into chunks. I don't revise for more than 2 hours at a time at the longest, because I get too bored and so it gets harder to take anything in. I tend to keep slots around 45 minutes to an hour and a half, and then have a half-hour break. I use my break to do something rewarding, so it feels like revision is made more worth it. Also, for the super organised, try a to-do list. That way, you can reward yourself for each thing you tick off - I usually treat myself to an episode of a program I like or some food I can indulge in. It just really helps to motivate me. 

It's also really important to find a method of revision that suits you - some prefer making posters, others flash cards, and some people prefer group discussion. Try arranging a revision session with some friends - it really helps get everything in perspective, and can help you enjoy the work your doing. 

In the past, I've also set myself time limits on questions and things which helps me stay motivated to keep at the work but also helps with preparation for timed conditions in exams. Hope this helps!

Answered Sat 28th April, 2012 @ 16:38 by Natasha Hay
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do it for a short period of time in a short burst. i like to hae 45 minutes of a subject before i do something else then do another 45 minutes. you can make the work less tedious by doing questions. reading up on topics is often dead boring. I like to answer between 5-6 exam questions in a session then spend 15 minutes marking them and adding in additional useful information.

hope this is helpful :)

Answered Sat 28th April, 2012 @ 12:52 by melvin
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just do it.

Answered Sun 29th April, 2012 @ 23:56 by Annabel