How to revise OCR ICT?

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Like literally, how? Do you memorise definitions, do past papers etc.? I find ICT such a difficult subject to learn. Any responses will be gladly received. Thank you!

Posted Fri 27th May, 2011 @ 21:46 by M

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Hey M, 

I've been making some simple powerpoints for ICT but I am doing short course so not everything will be in them. When I have finished and posted them I will write back on here and you can have a look :)

BTW I have looked at the thing that tells you everything you need know so all you need to know for half the course will be on the power points.:D 

Bye Now :)

Answered Fri 27th May, 2011 @ 22:21 by Zoeeee
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Past papers is a massive help especially in ICT as the quetions are quiete often similar :)

Answered Tue 7th June, 2011 @ 14:55 by Danni
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Hola, M :)

Whilst you are waiting for my more simpler version I have a really long one that you at least look through so that you are at least revising it a bit but it's REAL long trust me :) 

I will post it now k :D

Ta ta for now :D

Answered Sun 29th May, 2011 @ 16:31 by Zoeeee
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I have uploaded one of them know so take a look M and keep checking for when I upload the rest :D


Answered Mon 30th May, 2011 @ 20:18 by Zoeeee
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I find making notes/re-writing my class notes useful. Creating mindmaps and doing online quizzes also helps.

Mocks tend to freak me out in the early stages of my course but once I've revised all the content, doing mock exams really helps as it helps me identify what sort of questions are going to be asked and how I should answer them. Hope this helps :)

Answered Thu 7th June, 2012 @ 23:29 by Former Member
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HI M, :)

Well I just want to tell you that I most likely will not be able to upload all of the 11 powerpoints for ICT revision. I'm really sorry but what you can do is have a look at the Specification Content that I uploaded that tells you all you need to know and use a revision guide or text book or if you don't have one you can try to use this is a link to the teach ict website with all of the topics homepage up so you can have a look at that if anything.

Sorry again :(

Answered Sun 12th June, 2011 @ 13:51 by Zoeeee