How to revise Maths?

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I have been doing a lot of past papers but seem to keep failing Non Calculator exams. I am finding these really difficult compared to the calculator paper where I can get an A but a C in the Non calculator it doesn't make sense.

Was wondering if there are on tips on how to revise maths? Thank you (:

Rhiannon x

Posted: 25-04-11 12:26 by Rhiannon Britten

Have you found out why you find the non calculator difficult.

If you find the problem its easier to tackle it.

I did maths last year and the non calculator was really straight foward coz they can't ask you to do weird calculations without a calculator.

If there is something specific you can't do just ask.

Posted: 25-04-11 12:28 by Pui Pui

and by the way there's already loads of posts on how to revise maths, and the best way is to do past papers and questions, but it doesn't sound like its working for you

Posted: 25-04-11 12:30 by Pui Pui

I just sit and stare at the paper going .... I dont know any of this? I think I shall need to talk to my teacher about it.

I prefer doing the weird calculations ha ha but I just don't know what to do with the non calculator paper, As I don't know how to do the calculations without the calculator.

Okay thank you (:

Posted: 25-04-11 12:32 by Rhiannon Britten

The past papers have definitely been working with the calculator paper, but not the non calculator? Not sure what I should do? Maybe practice my maths? Maybe I am making mistakes by not calculating properly or something?

I shall just have to revise all the topics off by heart, but I should be able to adapt my knowledge from the calculator paper to the non calculator?

Posted: 25-04-11 12:34 by Rhiannon Britten

you mean stuff like add, subtract, divide and multiply?

Or like a specific topic like proability or something

Posted: 25-04-11 12:35 by Pui Pui

I can do that, its things like bearings, these graphs,  in equalities. I have learn't all these, I know how to do them but the questions confuse me, if that makes sense?

Posted: 25-04-11 12:45 by Rhiannon Britten

yeah. if you give me a question i might be able to help you

Posted: 25-04-11 12:47 by Pui Pui

do you know how to do these?

find the value of


27 with a fraction next to it, saying 2 above and 3 on the bottom. so 27 2/3

Posted: 25-04-11 12:49 by Rhiannon Britten

do you mean 6 to the power of -2

I think i'm a bit confused with the question

Posted: 25-04-11 12:52 by Pui Pui

I am not sure as it just saids find the value of 6-2. :/ This paper has completely and utterly confused me!

Posted: 25-04-11 12:54 by Rhiannon Britten

well isn't 6-2 =4 ?

And what about the fraction bit?

Posted: 25-04-11 12:56 by Pui Pui

also how many marks is it

Posted: 25-04-11 12:57 by Pui Pui

Its 3 marks for both of them.

well its finds the value of 27 2/3 .... the the 2/3 is a fraction as I cannot type that!

what so you only have to take away two from 6-2? as the two is small and above the 6 on the right.

Posted: 25-04-11 12:59 by Rhiannon Britten

*find, this is extremely hard to explain without small numbers that go on the right.

Posted: 25-04-11 13:00 by Rhiannon Britten

i see so it is 6 to the power of -2 which can be written as 6^-2 to show it is a small number in the corner.

the - means one over so it is now 1/(6^2)  

then find 6^2 which is 36 so the answer is 1/36

the other question is testing if you know equivalent fractions/ decimals

1/3 = 0.333...

2/3 = 0.6666...

so the answer is 27.6666... which in the exam you would write 27.6 and put a dot on top of the six to show that it is reacurring.

does that help? 

Posted: 25-04-11 13:07 by Pui Pui

I see I get it now thank you so much! I know know how to do it, thank you (: shall try and do the other questions now, I just panic to much and worry!

Posted: 25-04-11 13:11 by Rhiannon Britten

if you ever get stuck just stop. and try and look at it at a different angle

Posted: 25-04-11 13:12 by Pui Pui

I see thank you ;D !!!!!!!

Posted: 25-04-11 13:14 by Rhiannon Britten

by the way with the powers (little number) bit. if it is a fraction it means find the root eg. 4^1/2 is 2 because it means the square root of 4

or 27^1/3 then it would be 3 etc.

Posted: 25-04-11 13:27 by Pui Pui

ah great thank you so much for the help :D

Posted: 25-04-11 18:05 by Rhiannon Britten

If the school's signed you up MyMaths is really  useful. If not, you could print old papers off your exam board's website and go through them with the help of your textbook, that's really useful. Also just going through you're textbook and doing old questions. Hope it helped! :D

Posted: 28-04-11 23:57 by Alice

we have Mymaths! It has helped a lot, I shall keep doing past papers and looking online!!! THANK YOU! **

Posted: 29-04-11 16:27 by Rhiannon Britten

Anything to the power of a fraction:

x^1/2 =square root.

x^1/3 =cube root

x^2/3=cube root, then squared.

Anything to the power of 0 is 1 - they always put this.

Anything to the power of a negative number, you calculate it to the power of the reciprocal, e.g.


A hard question I came across:


Firstly, change to the reciprocal - (8/27)^2/3

Cube root it - (2/3)^2

Square it - 4/9 - Simple!

Posted: 23-05-11 15:29 by Sarah