How to revise?

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How do you revise Physical and Human Geography? My two exams are on the 13th of June and the 17th of June as my last exam. But I am not sure how to revise Geography? :/

Any tips would be appreciated or advice! Thank you so much!

Rhiannon x

Posted: 25-04-11 11:56 by Rhiannon Britten

I'm doing those exams too (: At least we've got more time to revise for them, as they're near the end. Well, I've made notes, and they help me, especially for case studies. How do you revise other stuff? Do you just read or do you say it aloud or what? 

Posted: 25-04-11 12:30 by hiuu billy

Thats good (: yes definitely, have a whole week off from the 27th of May, to revise 6 exams, Have 6 in June and 10 in May!

well I shall make notes like you have said as there are so many case studies to remember, I am doing rocks, coasts and rivers for physical, so have to remember all of them. Then have 3 topics to remember in Human.

Is saying things aloud a good way to remember?  Also drawing diagrams and keep looking back?

Posted: 25-04-11 12:42 by Rhiannon Britten

well I keep writing out notes all the time, but there is so much to remember in geography, I am extremely worried.

Posted: 25-04-11 12:42 by Rhiannon Britten

I find saying notes out loud, especially stuff you can never remember helps. I'm doing coasts and rivers as well for physical, which is good because they overlap sometimes. Then I'm doing tectonics, and for human geography is development, tourism and population. Human geography is so boring:[. I can never remember it. I get bored when I revise it d:.

Doing past papers will help too but as this specification only started last year there's only one past paper and you might have done that as your mock. There is a specimen paper too, and the old past papers but I don't know if they'd help.

Posted: 25-04-11 17:25 by hiuu billy

I see I have been talking aloud today and it has definitely worked, so thank you, I keep look, cover ,write check as well, which works really well!

I definitely agree that coasts and rivers overlap a little bit with abrasion, etc... :) types or erosion! I can remember it ha ha!

I have been doing a lot of past papers which has been helping loads, but I have the same problem with no interest in the human geography. I have been revising so much physical Geography, I need to start on human ... I am trying to revise on the case studies as well as map reading which D of E was helpful for (:

If you need any help with anything, I am happy to help because we are doing ,mostly the same things! That way you learn some new things.

Thank you for all the help! x

Posted: 25-04-11 18:09 by Rhiannon Britten