How to not fail a exam

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  1. Please help
Posted: 13-03-17 13:42 by amcmillan13

only if you help me

Posted: 13-03-17 13:44 by amuhanji13

We can do this together

Posted: 13-03-17 13:44 by amcmillan13

we both gonna be street cleaners

Posted: 13-03-17 13:45 by amuhanji13

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Posted: 13-03-17 13:45 by amcmillan13

I think it's important not to worry because it has been proven the brain chemistry is subjective to worried thoughts.

Make sure that you put in a acceptable amount of revision, without any distraction, such as your phone, or music.

I don't think either of you would be street cleaners. You only achieve as far as you believe.

Posted: 18-03-17 18:00 by Danielkirollos

Don't stress in the exam, just stay focused and try to collect your thoughts. Remember, at the end of the day, no matter what result you get in any exam it will never be the end of the world! Until you try, you will never know what you can do.

Posted: 08-05-17 17:24 by LouiseB12

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Posted: 10-01-21 12:34 by Karmina